By looke27 - 13/11/2010 07:21 - United States

Today, my girlfriend thought she was stronger than me so we arm wrestled. She won. I used both hands. FML
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arm wrestling doesn't prove anything. a fight to the death proves how strong anybody is

Well is it wrong for a girl to be stronger than a guy? Quit whining about it.


Well is it wrong for a girl to be stronger than a guy? Quit whining about it.

ditch the girl. that way you'll be forced to work your arms into shape if you know what I mean.

vagina power!

haha he weeeak girls can be strong tooo(:

it's a guy thing. ex. would you want your boyfriend to be more feminine than you?

Nice one, #4

I agree with 38. Also OP said she thought she was stronger than him. That thought turned to a know.

Looks like we know who's on top at night XP

shes obviously a lesbian

that's what she said

I'm no stronger than most boys my age, and I take karate and lift weights every day. Then again, I'm not freakishly strong. Is your girlfriend a bodybuilder or what, OP? And does anyone else think of the arm wrestling scene in The Fly whenever they think of arm wrestling? *shudder*

gummie worm arms :)

105 - I'm a girl. XD

I can understand maybe losing with one arm (not really), but using both arms? Noexcuse.

I like strong girls. my girlfriend is tough as nails and plays rugby. nothin wrong with a strong girl

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Guess we know who wears the pants in the relationship. :)

My bad missed thumbs up and did down sorry

Anys, girls can be stronger and bigger than boys around 12-15 since females enter puberty before boys do

gym membership?

#72 hahahaaha but it's true he looks like a tool


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Nice tighty-whiteies. Definitely going to get some girls showing off THAT picture...

Tighty whities? Seriously dude?


I lol'ed when I read ur comment and then lmao when I saw ur pic. thx for the entertainment #2

i probably do need to work out but im only 16 so im sure i can grow up to be big and strong like tizzy some day :).Your welcome 111 thats what i was aiming for with the pic.Yes im trying to impress girls on fml?:L

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Try working out more. YDI.

Hahahaha nice...

arm wrestling doesn't prove anything. a fight to the death proves how strong anybody is

oli sykes is awesome .

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lmfao!!! truee :)

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it's Oli! bmth ftw! :)

weak boys are cute ;)

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You'd like to hear your boyfriend say, "Baby, can you open this jar for me?"

Hey, he's not weak weak. He obviously thought he would win, which means he's strong enough to function. He's just not as strong as her.

has it ever occured to you that maybe just maybe that this so called 'he' is a girl

so she can open jars better then you? big deal challenger her to a ladder match and see who comes out on top.

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Gym tan laundry for you!

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quit whining girls CAN be just as strong as a guy or even yet stronger so succ it up & start hitting the gym if you want a boost of confidence (:

no they cant!:P

40 - Have you ever seen that female bodybuilders thing on Discovery Health? You would be crushed, easily.

Naturally male has higher upper body strength than female.

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@ 113: True, but in cases like this where the girl does weightlifting (I'm assuming) and the boy doesn't even try to work on himself, she could end up passing him in strength.

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hahaha weak boys are cuteee(:

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Yeah, just not the annoying ones which think a girl is automatically wealer than a guy.