By looke27 / Saturday 13 November 2010 07:21 / United States
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I'm no stronger than most boys my age, and I take karate and lift weights every day.
Then again, I'm not freakishly strong. Is your girlfriend a bodybuilder or what, OP?
And does anyone else think of the arm wrestling scene in The Fly whenever they think of arm wrestling? *shudder*

  Darraghscoot  |  0

i probably do need to work out but im only 16 so im sure i can grow up to be big and strong like tizzy some day :).Your welcome 111 thats what i was aiming for with the pic.Yes im trying to impress girls on fml?:L

  0opsie  |  6

You'd like to hear your boyfriend say, "Baby, can you open this jar for me?"

By  ejoyy  |  0

quit whining girls CAN be just as strong as a guy or even yet stronger so succ it up & start hitting the gym if you want a boost of confidence (:

  0opsie  |  6

@ 113: True, but in cases like this where the girl does weightlifting (I'm assuming) and the boy doesn't even try to work on himself, she could end up passing him in strength.

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