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By  Blank_fml  |  0

Don't worry I used to do the same thing
sometimes it still happens but my friends know better than to try things like that on me. I don't apologize if I hit them like that, they clearly know what would happen. Not that I don't feel bad it's just that it's not my fault. Did she know that was gonna happen?

By  Kat_MS  |  0

Her fault. You don't just go running around shoving your hand into someone elses pocket before they get a chance to see you. Couple or not.

But yeah, still sucks for her, even if it was her fault :(

By  Tri_fml  |  5

Ouch! Sucks to be you. I've nearly done the same thing a couple times - still haven't learned not to keep my wallet in my back pocket.. it's just so DAMN convenient!

  johobus28  |  26

I always keep mine up front in a separate pocket from my phone. That way, A: you're not always sitting on it, B: it's easier to grab while in front, and most importantly, C: it's a LOT harder for someone to pickpocket your front pockets without being seen, so it's always safer up front