By sadinmass - 13/11/2010 13:24 - United States

Today, it was my 21st birthday. I had a simple party with my boyfriend, with just a cake and a bottle of red wine. My boyfriend managed to get so drunk that he danced naked for 10 minutes, then told me I'm hideously obese but that he loves me anyway. FML
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hey fat chicks need loving too lol

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I don't see the fml in here. Even if you are hideously obese, he still loves you. You found yourself a good man. Now reward him by working out and getting rid of those extra pounds.

you insult yourself on all your comments haha


come on fat ass, lose some of that weight. Don't expect people to feel sorry for you because you are fat!

Exactly, some fmls are left unfinished, WE WANT THE WHOLE STORY BITCHES

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I find drunk people and children are pretty honest.

They say you are most honest when your drunk. And children will just out right say things; they have no embaressment of saying it.

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Drunk people are more honest. I don't think this will make her feel much better.

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Oh yeah good point there, well I'm not going to say something like "hit tha gym fatty", but he said he loves you right :p? If drunk people are honest I guess he means it.

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I agree with that bit of what you said, it's the key phrase being loves you anyways! So at least he honestly loves you. It's all okay, babe! Work those rolls. [:

wow ... sounds like the wrong person was celebrating like it was their birthday.

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We gon' sip Bacardi like its your birthday And you know we don't give a **** if it's not your birthday.

O sad... Kinda... Maybe u should dump him.. .

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He loves her despite the fact that she's hideously obese and you think she should dump him?

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That's exactly what I was thinking. ^^^^

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Are you surprised by this news? I guess the FML lies within the fact that your loving boyfriend spewed such information while drunk. If you think you are, do something about it. But i mean, at least he loves you despite your large frame.

Cover up the cleavage, darl. We don't want to see it. There is children using this site as young as 12. :/