By JK - 1/2/2010 00:24 - United States
Today, my boyfriend admitted that he'd like to dress me in a squirrel suit and chase me through the forest. This was the surprising result of a discussion on how to spice up our love life. FML
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  mitch707  |  0

ihavenoname123 i sure hope u were trying to get a reaction out of people becuase if that is what you truly believe then i am very, very sorry for the horrible twisted person u are.

  Tripout  |  0

@ ihavenoname123. dude ur so fuckin simple minded. what if we lived in a world where it was unusual to date a person of the opposite sex? your mom obviously didn't teach u to think before u talk ur probably someone that like to keep it in the family as well sent u ya cousin fucker YOU DESERVE TO DIE or better yet GET TIED DOWN N RAPED BY EVERY GAY PERSON IN THE WOLRD FOR HAVIN SUCH THOUGHTS dumbass

  lulz1337  |  0

While he certainly didn't present it in a very acceptable manner, you do realize that condemning him for being homophobic is essentially the same as him condemning a homosexual do you not? His upbringing influences his thoughts/feelings on a given subject and not something easily changed. Next time maybe YOU should think before you talk, because obviously you just saw ZOMGIH8GAYZ!111!!!!oneone1! and flew off the handle. WTG

  skittleface  |  0

Condeming someone for their beliefs IS NOTHING like condeming someone for a compeletly natural part of their biological cycle.

Beliefs are chosen or inherited, but sexuality is more like a lottery.

Its funny how none of us really gt to chose what we are attracted to, but we instantly start judging each other over it.


  lulz1337  |  0

I would respectfully disagree with you on that point. Your beliefs are highly influenced by religion, education, environment, and family. For the first 18 years of your life you really don't have much of a choice on any of those matters and it's pretty difficult to change your beliefs at that stage of the game.

And not to be a grammar nazi, but ridiculous* that one always annoys me.

Also, biological cycle?

  lulz1337  |  0

I missed homosexuality in this biological cycle. For the sake of keeping tension high, it's the organic waste part of that graph right?

  lulz1337  |  0

Pardon me, I worded that wrong (though I never said you have no choice). But it is highly influential and you are encouraged to believe the same things as your parents in most cases. This isn't to say that it ends up working a lot of the time, but some people do feel pressured to keep with their beliefs from their upbringing, and a lot of people don't change their beliefs. Point of the matter being, and I'm being redundant at this point, judging a person's beliefs is still judging them based on a cultural difference between you and that person. Which is semi-surprising to me since most liberals, that I'm familiar with, seem to go by the idea of moral relativism, or rather claim to.

  damnrosi  |  0

lulz please stop trying to sound intelligent, you are failing miserably.
no name, its well within your rights not to like homosexuals, but please stop trying to spread hate and ignorance, keep your own personal issues to yourself.

  cboswel  |  0

Actually they are still trying to figure out if it is inherited or not. There is no conclusive study that says it is genetic. Also there is no conclusive study to say it is learned or a choice.

Since the brain is still wiring itself after you are born, no on knows for sure. Allot of wiring is definitely genetic but they do know that external influences affect how the brain wires itself as a person grows from infant to adult. There has been plenty of research to suggest both. Also some of the research is being re-examined as they discover more about the brain, genetics, and human behavior.

  tsarikos  |  0

I did actually read several articles on the issue. Apparently most people go through a homosexual 'phase', in which they experience something akin to a crush on a member of the same sex. Whether or not they 'snap out of it' is not the issue here, but this does show that pretty much everyone has the genetic inclination for homosexuality, ergo a non-straight baby can be produced from two straight parents.

Also, wasn't there a scientific breakthrough about how certain hormonal levels at a specific point in pregnancy can induce a baby to be more attracted to males rather than females, regardless of the baby's gender? Not too sure whether the baby's gender is already determined at that point, but that does point to the fact that sexual orientation is biologically determined and not a conscious/informed choice.

  safirestar09  |  0

This might have nothing to do with anything, but at one point there was a water bottle made of stainless steel that, for some odd, unknown reason, contained high levels of estrogen, a female horomone. Apparently when men drank from these bottles, they would be affected by the amount of estrogen and would actually become more feminine. I've got no clue whether or not this is true. I just thought that it was interesting. Hmm.

By  farflungfloyd  |  0

If you are going to ask these questions, you're going to deal with answers you don't necesarily like. What if he said he wanted to tie you up, clamp your nipples and savagely take you up the ass? Dress up like you mother?

He's a furry. Deal with it.

  perdix  |  29


I'm smart enough to never ask about "spicing up" our love life. If I want to do something new, I'll just do it, and I don't want my wife (my female, living, mentally competent, legal-aged, human being wife) to tell me her ideas about strap-ons or being "romantic."