By Stella5127 - Australia - Melbourne
  Today, I found out I'm pregnant. I was shocked and confused as we use condoms and I'm on the pill. I confided in my friend, who guiltily confessed that her daughter swapped my pills for sugar pills and pinned through the rubbers to guarantee herself 5 more years of babysitting. FML
Stella5127 tells us more :
or all those people doubting my story! this ACTUALLY happened in july of 2016. I now have a boy named Nate. I kept my pills in a pill holder in the fridge with 'mon tue wed' on it. my friends daughter would come over every night after school to look after our oldest daughter, Tilly, after kindergarten while my husband and I would finish work. She had ample opportunity and being a busy teacher id just take my tablets (both birth control and thyroxine) quickly before work. though we love our baby it was a shock. Lily( my friends daughter) went off to a reform school called "Blackwood" (real place look it up) this past July, after she was also caught with drugs in her room and skipping school. she was a troubled child and I still speak to my friend, she only just found out after over hearing her daughter and her friend and was trying to protect her.
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  DataWog  |  29

Part of me really hopes there is, but if they decide not to terminate, I really hope they don't pursue it. How would you feel to find out that your parents sued someone because of the inconvenience of your existence?

  CTYFam  |  11

In the US, you could totally file a summons and complaint for both mother and daughter. These actions are clearly illegal and millions could be won in a suit, as well as criminal charges being pressed. However, I'm not sure for Australia. I recommend seeking a qualified attorney or solicitor for advice.

By  Michelle Bellamy  |  8

Wow! I would be having second thoughts on how much of a friend your supposed friend is - she should have told you. I would also be notifying her daughter she is no longer needed as a babysitter. Good luck with it all xo

  acmariner99  |  24

Don’t jump to conclusions: maybe she’s one of those folks that believes that if she somehow did get pregnant, she wouldn’t take that route - which is why she went to such lengths for birth control.

  Dave_Davington  |  33

Erm, most folks who are willing to get an abortion will nonetheless go to the same lengths as everyone else to avoid getting pregnant in the first place. Getting an abortion isn't exactly as quick and easy as stopping at a convenience store. If nothing else, it's certainly nice to avoid the inconvenience of wading through the usual crowd of sanctimonious religious mouth breathers outside the front door.

  MandySkittles  |  18

A good question. If they kept them out of the blister pack in something like a monthly pill box organizer it'd be a lot easier to swap them out, unless they manufacture sugar ones that resemble the packets.

  zeffra13  |  31

For many varieties of the pill, the last week (period week) is a sugar pill just so you don't get out of the habit of taking it daily. I don't know how the daughter could have gotten so many of them to be able to swap out 3 weeks worth every month for who knows how long.

  chosha_fml  |  25

Yes, I thought that, too. Having access to their condoms is weird, but possible, but being able to swap out the pills is really strange and improbable. And why would the mother confess so readily if she hadn’t warned her before when she found out?

  piinksock  |  17

also swapping out the pills to sugar would have induced a period early, unless she swapped them at exactly the right time to coincide when the period was due. when you're on the pill and it's been working fine in the past then your periods start coming at the wrong time, you know something is up.

  KittyMack  |  13

You have me doubting if the story is real. Thanks! I'd have trouble letting go of this otherwise, considering how horrified I am about pregnancy.
If it is real, I do hope OP was able to access an abortion quickly and get on with life. And I hope they sued the absolute shit out of that friend with the evil kid.