By lonleystoner91 - 03/09/2010 08:30 - France

Today, my girlfriend of 2 months decided to wrestle with my younger brother. He has gotten more action than I have. FML
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Top comments must really suck knowing your gf isn't an easy *****.

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suck it up, OP. it's only been 2 months.


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haha your younger brother is a pimp :p

It's only been two months? ....maybe ur doing something wrong

It's only been two months? ....maybe ur doing something wrong

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if you are too scared to hit it, then he will, and frankly he should just to show you exactly what king of little bitch you are.

if by action you mean making out and cuddling, then yeah your life sucks. if you mean sex, then get over it, 2 months isn't long, maybe she doesn't want to have sex until she knows the relationship is for the long run.

So she ***** his brother ? Who she is not dating

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how do you even have a girlfriend OP, you sound like you have no game at all.

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Shoulda jumped her in her weakened state

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Well... how old are you and your brother? More information is needed to see if it's you being a pussy or if it's a legitimate FML

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OP grow a pair and talk to her about it. If not cut her off.

That's why you should get behind her put that bitch in the sleeper hold. Then while she's passed out, then you can get all the action you want.

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She was like the macho man on your bro's slim Jim . OH YEAH!

Join the 3 way dumbass. Clearly she wants to taste the whole family. Or just wants it in both sides by 2 cocks that look the same... cept your lil bros is prolly bigger

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rofl this guys retarded, ydi op for not doing anything.

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lmao 45..LMFAO snap into a slim jim

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frm a girl's point of view, op becareful. wrestling is just Dee begining.

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dude it's only been 2 months I hope she's not one of those girls who say go me after one date wtf do u expect

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lol @ 28. Atleast you have/had a girlfriend...

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it's been two months. calm down.

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you really should. me' and my brother have done it. it's a bonding experience

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suck it up, OP. it's only been 2 months. must really suck knowing your gf isn't an easy *****.

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action could mean more than sex could mean a kiss, fondling, or some full body contact such as wrestling around

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You're spending all the money on the dates and he's getting all the pussy for free. Your brother is a genius and you are dickless. It may just be starting with innocent "wrestling" at first, but one day, you won't be around and they may begin the wresting of the naked sort ;) It'll be just as fake as pro wrestling, where the two opponents who are supposed to be against each other are actually working together.

more than likely she is hot for him then... oh well more fish in the sea....

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ohhh know! not an easy ***** that ***** on the first date.