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By  Sinshine  |  27

This needs more information. The way this is written, it's a YDI because you paid for their trip and then complain about it. But I hope there's more to it.

By  RichardPencil  |  28

I’m confused! You’re wealthy enough to pay for at least three trips to Paris, yet you can’t afford an Uber to the airport?

If your “friends” somehow bound and gagged you to prevent you from coming, call Homeland Security and tip them off that your “friends” are meeting with their ISIS contact in France. Their next free vacation will be to Guantanamo Bay!

By  OCD_NME  |  17

My guess; op gave a 2 tickets to paris to a girl he has been in love with since grade school. He then found out that she was actually seeing his life long best friend/room mate but it was a new thing and they didn't know how to tell him because they both knew he was in love with her. Having nobody else to go to Paris with, op gave them the tickets to them. The op then went home. Wrapped himself in a blanket. Ate a bunch of ice cream. Then wrote a vague FML while fighting back the tears of a broken heart.