By Surprisebuttsecks? - 07/12/2011 04:39 - Canada

Today, my girlfriend shoved a Q-tip up my ass while I was brushing my teeth. FML
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jpoole 4

It sounds like you guys are doing it wrong. Try it up her ass??


You spelled "psychotic ex- girlfriend" wrong. Or, assuming you're still together, shove your dick up her ass next time you're having sex... Turnabout is fair play, right?

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enonymous 8

So... Can I date your girlfriend and request 3 qtips?

Takador 3

YDI for bushing your teeth naked

why would you break up with her for that 16??

65, OP's girlfriend raped him. That's only an exit! Not an entrance!

Did she say,"this is what you feel like"?

I bet she's just training for a career in proctology

smashmaster52 0

1, Ur pic matches ur comment perfectly

GreenAppleDP 0

16- So when a guy does it to a girl, everyone cheers them on, but when a girl does it to a guy, they deserved to be broken up with?

Did she at least give you the courtesy of a reach around ?

123, I don't know where you're from, but here rape isn't "cheered on".

DetLions32 6

But did she yell "Kadafied!!!!!" (or however you spell it)

zurisbloodyrose 0

Sounds like she just gave you permission to stick whatever you want in her bum; turnabout is fair play after all!

GreenAppleDP 0

Really, a q-tip in the ass is considered rape? Wow.

jpoole 4

It sounds like you guys are doing it wrong. Try it up her ass??

markrs 0

No, they're doing it right. Q-tip stands for Queer-Tip. She knows what he likes.

Buttsexpirate 9

Surprise butt sex is a never ending cycle. Then she'll try and shove a toothbrush and the cycle continues.

rexgar2000 10

maybe your ass was dirty? no? *goes back to sleep*

KiddNYC1O 20

Thanks for the weekly wisdom, Buttsexpirate. =]

You're wife is a bitch. And so is revenge. REVENGE!!!!!!

If OP is complaining about a Q-tip, he'll never survive a prostate exam.

Buttsexpirate 9

36 - Prostate exams are usually scheduled and expected. The Qtip? Not so much.

Glitterhinoceros 14

Why was he not wearing Clothes anyway?

I'm not a bible freak and I thumbed you down.

I thumbed you down for assuming because someone is a prude they must be a bible freak. The real question is why is it there are so many people approving the YDI for being naked comments? If you can't be naked in the privacy of your own home where do you idiots approve it?

Well, I thumbed you down because you're a sarcastic little dick.

jpoole 4

That's just wrong in so many ways. At least it wasn't something bigger like an electric tooth brush.

If its wrong, why's our g-spot up in there?

Llamacod 11

It's not a g spot, ass. Only a women has a "g spot" and the latest theory on that is it is actually just part of the ********. If anything it would be a "p spot" as it is just stimulating the prostate.

Someone took my comment way too seriously. Calm down, sparky, not enough prostate rubs?

In case it has to be spelled out for you, it's referred to as g-spot because of its similar stimulative response to the so-called female g-spot, not because it necessarily shares similar anatomical origins.

That's what he gets for brushing his teeth while naked.

Nah Daniel Tosh made up a new thing. Q-Tipping, **** involving Q-Tips. Ghadaffi Q-Tipping, oh **** accidently gave myself a boner.

SkunksNovel 7

YOU BEAT ME TO IT. XDDDDD Credit to you. :3

Haha nice mate you also beat me to it!

csickcman 11

I hate it when that happens. At least it wasn't the penis.

Llamacod 11

If his girlfriend has a penis I think a q-tip up the ass is the least of his problems

WeAreAHurricane 14
xSonic 9

No. Just whip your damn schlong out and butt **** the shit outta her......well not literally but you know what I mean

harrywestt 0

bro that is nasty but funny as a monkeys uncle on crack

Have you ever seen a monkey's uncle on crack? No.. no you have not. You think a monkey on crack is funny? It isn't.. its scary as ****.. throwing shit everywhere and what not..

maz255 10

This has been a public service announcement by jackassidy...