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Alright got my abs all oiled and flexed... I'm ready to post on the internets... Honestly... What guy knows about cleaning toilets? If we could get away with wiping our ass with our socks and or the bathmat ala Step Brothers we would in a heart beat


lol its funny how whenever I post a comment, the first thing that happens is I get hated on for my picture. aha... ahem cough # 16

Judging by the fact that he was freaking out, I'm assuming he has never known about toilet cleaners so you can't blame him. I didn't even know about these cleaners before.


only if you don't hydrate well, cause your piss will be yellow and yellow and blue make green. But if you do drink a lot of water your piss will be clear and clear with blue equals blue :P

Looks like the blew man crew came and took a piss in your toilet. Sucks, that stuff stains for life.

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