By SuddenlyDogless - 22/02/2017 13:00 - Canada - Beachville

Today, my dog has very watery diarrhea. I laid down paper towels to soak it up, and went to get sanitary wipes for the rest of it. When I came back, my dog had dragged the paper towels up onto the sand coloured loveseat. Sand coloured no longer. FML
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the title says suddenly dogless.. you didn't get rid of the dog did you?


billiejoetho 0

20 month old? So ugly. Your kid is almost 2 not 20 months old.

the title says suddenly dogless.. you didn't get rid of the dog did you?

I really hope he didn't or else that would be awful

I hope the name is a joke about having killed it and not actually having killed or gotten rid of it for this.

I understand the feeling, OP. I have four dogs myself.

And definitely no more lovemaking on it, either (EE-ther.)

The name on this makes me sad. Getting rid of your dog for getting sick once. :/

You do realize the username is more than likely a joke, right? I highly doubt most people would be that irrational.

It would have been common sense to leash the dog outside put them into a tiled room if they're having diarrhea. You're lucky that's all that happened.

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Free love seat must be picked up ASAP!!!!!

cheshireau 26

You didn't put him outside when you went to clean?

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Your dog has diarrhea and you didn't think to put it outside, crate it, or something? The dog's not going to understand or be able to control itself. You kind of deserve that.

And that's why you always put the animal in timeout before you start cleaning