By quickfingers100 - 22/07/2011 13:38 - United Kingdom

Today, my girlfriend put a paper bag over my head while we had sex. Her reason? Because she thinks she is so good in bed she was worried I'd hyperventilate due to all the excitement. Instead I fainted due to lack of oxygen after three minutes. FML
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What a wonderful girlfriend you've got there!

Well atleast shes enviornmentally friendly by using paper instead of plastic.. =]

why did op just take it off his head ? stupid. ydi

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BEST 3 minutes of ya life!!

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30 He was obviously handcuffed to the bed posts.

That's some kinky stuff right there! I know how to make handcuffs out of a teeshirt... :D lol.

No you know how to tie someones wrists with a T-shirt.

unless OP has a history of hyperventilating.. then. understand. otherwise his gf is stupid and conceited as hell

Maybe she was planning on suffocating you ;).. You rich?

That's some kinky stuff the 160. (sarcasm)

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I don't know how using paper is environmentally friendly. last time I checked paper came from trees....

We can plant new trees; we cannot plant new oil. Not in the same context, anyway.

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Yep. I'm sure THAT's why she put a bag over your head!

Last time I checked, plastic isn't biodegradable.

XxXHaCkErXxX 0 uh might wanna look in the mirror and see what she's talking about, 'cause it obviously can't be the reason she gave you.

she has pretty high self esteem for someone who has to make sure guys don't see her naked :$

228, is that truly what you got out of it? she thinks her bf is ugly or makes ugly faces in bed.

yes it is! because it says the girlfriend says she's really good in bed!! so.. yeah

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i wonder if he finished before he fainted

I know have that sing stuck in my head. It's family day.

I meant song. Me and my phone are going to have a very stern talk about this.

262- if you love it so much why don't you know the name of the band? I will now be google. Did you mean lonely island? Make comments instead about Lonely island.

But why would you leave it over your head? I say you deserve it. :P

I agree sorry but who is dumb enough to allow the bag over your head in the first place???

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54- a guy who wants a nut.

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she seriously thought that would help??

dump her, or next time tell her to poke a hole for ur mouth, nose, and eyes if ur into that kinda stuff >_>

your picture!!!! Is that from the Tim Burton exhibit at the MoMA in ny??