That kidnapped kink

By georgiahick - 30/12/2010 14:09

Today, my boyfriend asked me to 'spice things up in the bedroom'. When I asked how, he said I could try wearing a paper bag over my head. FML
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Please tell me you're never going to have sex with him again if he's going to disrespect you like that. You should dump his ass. You deserve better.

If you haven't dumped him yet, I suggest doing so. Don't put up with that. If you do put up with that, then you deserve it! Stand up for yourself.


FYL for being fugly. Just let him in through the back door. That way he won't have to look at your face.

The_Moustache 6

At least he didn't break up with OP.

yazmi_09 3

she could just take some polyjuice potion and look like someone else

Shaders 0

I guess he could also *puts on shades* call you Russell YEAHH!

Lol this is ******* great but next time you should use is nutsack as a pinyada

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OP - I bet that was just a bitchy reaction of your boy friend, to your dumb "how" question. You should know yourself how to spice bedroom life up and not to ask your boyfriend. FYL indeed.

SimoneDymond 3

haha it ok OP im sure he was kidding LAST ;D

Hey maybe it is just a really kinky fetish. Like making a woman wear a pig mask.

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ya, who knows the possibilities you could create with a paper bag and a sharpie!! :D

pineapplemilda 0

you should hire people with face masks to come into your house at night and pit a paper bag over his head(: and videotape it

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Dude, your not funny. Like, at all.

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dumbest thing I've hears... ever.. sorry hah

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haha awesome suggestion. that should show him. kinky profile pic btw. blue undies ftw

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As a comeback you should wear the paper bag over your head... but with a picture of your face taped to the front. That's still an insult to yourself, as you're admitting your penis wilting ugliness. You lose no matter what.

skyeyez9 24

Cut two little eye holes and a little hole for your mouth. You'd look like "The Unknown Comic" from the 80's.

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