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Today, my girlfriend of six months broke up with me because I didn't know what her favorite ice cream was. She says it proves I don't care enough about her. I don't think I've ever seen her eat ice cream. FML
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Nah, she just needed an excuse to dump his ass...

^ that. If she breaks up with you over something that petty, then she was searching for a reason to do it for a while and just settled on that. If not, she's a crazy bitch. Which a lot of girls in FMLs are, it seems.

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Yep I can't picture a girl breaking up with you over not knowing her favorite flavor of ice cream, now if you didn't know her favorite color of skittles then be more than reason enough.

But what you really didn't know is that she's lactose Intolerant and she fooled you with a trick question lol.

It's obviously mint chocolate chip. Get it right.

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1- more like DAIRY queen!! Hahahahahahhabahahaha anyone? No? :( I'll go back to my hole now...

You think you haven't seen her eat it or you haven't is the question..

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But ice cream is best cold, no? If OP thinks about it, he will realize she did him a favor. Do you really want to be in relationship with someone who pulls excuses this stupid?

You know what else is cold? REVENGE. Incidentally, it tastes just like ice cream.

Ice cream soup is better ( I never grew up)

Over ice-cream ? Wow what a doosh ( and yea I know that's not how you spell it I just felt like spelling it that way)

Sorry to hear mate. Pretty sure there must have been an underlying reason and that was just the final straw. Goodluck moving on.

I think you're right bro. It's called being in high school. Not being a dick, but there's no other way to put it. OP, tell your ex to stop watching The Hills and do something productive with her life. Like get a job.

Maybe if you cared more you would remember seeing her eat ice cream?

Mhmm. I memorize the moments I get to watch my boyfriend eat ice-cream..

Maybe if you weren't stupid, then maybe you wouldn't be an idiot.

The only reason I pay any attention to my boyfriend eating ice cream is so I can laugh at him when it inevitably fall onto his shirt.

I don't think that was the whole reason she broke up with you. But anyway, life goes on(:

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She was just trying to find something to break up with you about.

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correction *SOME* girls are like that!

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Thanks 56. I'm a girl and definetly not that stupid.

#86 you're **definitely not what? lmao nice one.

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You should have guessed a flavor with chocolate in it, and you would probably have been right. Bitches love chocolate.

They're not all some respect.

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show some respect? you're 14! all bow to the king of the ladies

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lol^ you can tell he hasnt had a seriouse relationship and seen how girls change.

That would be a good guess. Unless she's allergic to chocolate. Then the FML will read... "Today, my gf asked me to guess her favorite flavor ice cream. I didn't know what her favorite flavor was, so I said chocolate. I guessed wrong. She's deathly allergic to chocolate. FML"

Rubyjames - are you implying that silvercamaro shouldn't know that women deserve respect just because he's 14? What does his age have to do with anything? Unfortunately the original comment was entirely sarcastic and he failed to pick up on that, but his message was still valid. People who pick on other people for their age piss me the **** off. If you want to judge people, do it based on how they act, not on when they were born.

What he said^^^ Jesus a guy dumps on girls you come at him he try's to be nice you come at him. It's never good enough is it.

61 and 66- thank you 33-I've been in multiple serious relationships and I had to learn the hard way that girls do change.

Now I can't agree with that. "Serious" relationships aren't possible at 14. I expect a bunch of teens to come back with "omg that's not true ur dum I'm 14 and I luv my bf n we're getting married someday!" Feel free to disagree. You'll be wrong.

68 - I know just how you feel! I had a serious relationship when I was like 6 years old too.. One day you're sharing a cookie with her, the next day she takes your crayons.. You're right, girls change =/

I never understood that. Whenever I have a relationship with anyone, I never expect much out of it, especially not marriage. A couple of half a year or so is the minimum for me

I agree with Rubyjames though.. Not only does he not deserve any respect in the first place for being a nub, but he's 14 and more than likely doesn't know anything about relationships =P

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91- That comment made my day. 87- I dont know who would disagree with you.

#24 Why does age matter when it comes to showing some respect? The younger guys/girls realize that all stereotypes aren't true for both genders and that nearly everyone is worthy of respect, the better. Even if he hasn't dated too much because of his age, he could still be around a lot of girls/ women who aren't bitches...