By nottelling7012 - 29/08/2010 04:21 - Australia

Today, my girlfriend of six months broke up with me because of 'creative differences', as she put it. The real reason is that we couldn't decide which cupboard the plates should have gone in. FML
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FFML_314 11

You should have tied her to the fridge and made her watch you put the plates in random cupboards.

that's an important issue though


that's an important issue though

Shookitup 0


YDI for not recognizing a lame excuse. She obviously just wanted rid of you. Move on.

mintcar 9

1, it's a very important issue. Sometimes, you just can't make compromises.

iSitt 0

it was a test to see if you would submit to her meekly.

I_have_no_clue 0

Is this a metaphor for sex?

Griggy 0

You shouldn't feel bad. If she's dumping you over cupboards you need to drop her ass like a stone.

iTaylor 0

lol 26 and if cupboards broke you up, it wasn't meant to be

emmaleeislamee 0

lmao @26 OP, she was probably just looking for a reason to dump you.

sheribb 5

ur from Melbourne too awesome! seriously ur girl is lame breaking up over where to put the frigin plates!!!

more like ydi for moving in after dating for only 6 months

legonut6 0

I agree with @40.

twinny_sc 13

YDI for moving in together after six months.

Sounds like an important issue to me! I'm a divorce attorney, and I'll try to use that "creative differences" excuse to see what happens lol. sorry op.

INsayn 0

lol. I laughed really hard.

It sucks when a whole relationship gets ruined over a little thing FYL.

Yeah, you keep telling yourself that, OP

You should've just let her have her way.

iron_chefITALY 0

Jesus your lucky it ended at plates. what if it had gotten all the way to pots and pans!

FFML_314 11

You should have tied her to the fridge and made her watch you put the plates in random cupboards.

fmlbrooo 0

:D Funnay.

if that is how the relationship ended, then it wasn't meant to last

yaysmile 0

If yall fought and broke up over something as small as where to put the plates, how did yall even make it that far?

AHAHAHA OP. Your girlfriend is a douche, and you are so lucky to get rid of her.

littleteapot 21

ex girlfriend.....

It really wasn't about the plates.... or it really wasn't just about the plates. There's more to the story here...