By Anonymous - 18/06/2009 07:24 - United States

Today, my girlfriend broke up with me telling me I have problems communicating and that I didn't understand her. When I asked her why she didn't talk to me about this before she said "I didn't want to talk about it." FML
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Don't you just love hypocrisy?

Oh yeah, it's definitely you with the communication problem. Ha.


Don't you just love hypocrisy?

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Maybe she really means, "You have a small dick and I'm trying not to hurt your feelings" Get it?

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People love making rules, almost as much as they love not having to live by it themselves

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that sucks

Ydi for not giving it good to her that's what she means

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yes. as a girl, if i give really crappy reasons for not wanting to see a guy again, or dumping him, it prob means hes terrible in the sack. sorry buddy. but hey maybe it wasnt your skills.. maybe she really is a crazy bitch

#50, That just means that you and the girl in the story are the ones with communication problems. If he sucks in bed, TELL HIM HOW TO GET BETTER. Selfish bitches.

Maybe you both suck in the sack?? you both YDI

#92: you both ydi? they both they deserve it?

Oh yeah, it's definitely you with the communication problem. Ha.

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She got issues

I'm guessing you made an argument of what a hypocrit she was right?

Talk about a cop out.

I hear ya brother. Almost everyone will run into that kinda girl at least once. Unfortunately I am still seeing that kinda girl myself.

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haha dump her then wtf

So dump her if you don't like her. Jesus @OP: That sucks, I hate hypocrites with a burning passion, so I can't imagine what I would have done in that situation, lol

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escape that shit brother. i hate seeing my guy friends date psycho girls that are totally irrational and retarded. cuz it totally makes all girls look terrible. and we arent all terrible.

Get as much sex as possible then dump her. I been in the same situation man... when i went out with my ex she used to stalk me, an coz she was a bank teller she looked at all my expenses and bank accounts.. and then she accused me of being a phsyco!!

51- Weren't you the one that just said you did that same sort of thing as OP's girl when you didn't like the sex instead of talking it out like a normal person? God, THIS is why people think every chick is terrible.

wow.. my ex was like that. haha you shoulda gave her what she deserved. not a big fan of hitting girls. but just slap them one. those type need it

**** you. if you were to slap me i would burn your balls off and serve them to you for dinner. or if you wouldnt let me, i'd teabag you and bite them off..... *drools and becomes aroused by the thought of it*

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You're a ******* idiot. I'm not surprised you're only 16. Grow the **** up.

you're a ******* retard. im not surprised you're still a virgin. get laid.

He should've told his homie to powder him up and smacked her with a handful of baby powder lol Stupid people such as her deserve to be pimp smacked with baby powder when they do something stupid. I'm an equal opportunity asshole, your gender will not save you.