By Ali - 07/07/2012 20:23 - United States - Kailua Kona

Today, I packed all my clothes in a black garbage bag, so I could easily move them to my new house. When I came back outside to load it into my car, the bag was missing, and all I could see was a garbage truck driving away with the week's trash. FML
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He was just doing his job.

linkinpark98 23

Hey, think about it this way OP. The hobos that visit the junkyard or the garbage dump will have a new wardrobe! :D It's a win for them.


He was just doing his job.

Just Like Toy Story 3

I bet when OP was running down the street chasing a garbage truck all the neighbours had a great lasting impression of her as they watched.

Yes but have you ever held a bag of clothes? Much different than a bag of garbage.

20 - Unless you are throwing away old clothes.

tjv3 10

Well why didn't you chase it down

JustDerpin 11

at least this gives OP a reason to buy new clothes :D.

Who throws away clothes? There is always someone less fortunate in need of old clothes

Yeah, I'm sure people would love old, raggedy clothes with holes and stains. Why throw those away?

Omg! I would chase that truck for miles! I love my clothes!

linkinpark98 23

Hey, think about it this way OP. The hobos that visit the junkyard or the garbage dump will have a new wardrobe! :D It's a win for them.

Sadly it will probably just sit under a mountain of trash for the rest of time :/

linkinpark98 23

Oh yeah, didn't think about that... Hey, maybe the mice and roaches will enjoy them just as much. :D

miyaviichan 27

So optimistic. I like that. It's kind of a weirdly cute comment.

Canchan 12

Sorry OP ... Maybe you should've kept it inside ...

kittenvks 11

How did this get thumbed up? Op was MOVING and the bags got picked up outside of the old home mistaken as trash and they should have left them inside?? How does that work?! Reading comprehension people.

She meant that she should have left the bag inside until she was ready to load it directly into her car, obviously. "Reading comprehension". Try some.

Well common sense says you don't put valuables outside by the curb on garbage day, in garbage bags. So yes they should have kept them inside.

theslimshadylp 6

Chase down that truck and say,"excuse me may I get something out of there?"

theslimshadylp 6

Chase after that truck!!!

Listerinekiss_fml 7

Eww could you imagine surfing through tons of garbage like that gross just chalk this up as a loss op

Shouldn't be hard to catch a truck that stops at almost every house in the neighborhood.

Get in your car and drive after it? Those trucks stop often so you can just talk to the driver.

Most trucks compact everything. All the clothes are probably ruined anyway.

Or the clothes could be neatly compressed by the compacting?

Yes, with the neighbors left overs smeared all through...

I'm surprised all of your clothes fit in one bag. Sorry OP, that sucks. On the bright side, time to hit the mall!

On the down side, way less money for OP after the mall!

JustDerpin 11

^unless OP shops smart and looks for discounts and clearance items. :3

I don't know but I don't think after purchasing a HOUSE I would have a lot of money to buy a bags worth of clothes. ***** expensive.

Don't get down in the dumps OP.

Maybe Op's clothes were trashy.

Perhaps a bit baggy as well.

Hah that's was hilarious I can't stop laughing

It might've helped to label the bag, say, with a bright red marker. Anything to set it apart from the bags with trash. You should've thought this through.

Red marker shows up on black plastic?

YDI for leaving it exposed

Garbage trucks don't move that fast. Run, OP, run!

KiddNYC1O 20

That's what the rabbit said about the turtle!

BunchieRules 31

62 - The turtle wasn't faster; the rabbit got cocky and took a nap. Just thought I'd point that out, but I understood the joke. :P