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Today, I tried to back out of a spot in a parking garage. I did a 12 point turn, hit the car behind me and still didn't manage to get out of the spot. Everyone was staring at me, and the attendant had to come over and move my car for me. I have to park there every day. FML
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Honestly, 90% of those people will forget about it by tomorrow. They probably thought it was kind of funny or they were just embarrassed for you. Everyone makes mistakes with driving... yours is unfortunate, but you'll get over it!


Honestly, 90% of those people will forget about it by tomorrow. They were probably laughing/embarrassed for you when it happened, yeah. But most people don't really give a shit and just probably though "Damn, I'm glad that's not my car." And everyone makes driving mistakes, OP... you'll survive.

  krazy_glu3  |  0

Reminds me of that video of a chick taking 30 minutes to park her car. Eventually the guy behind her got fed up and parked her car for her in less than 10 seconds,

  brt3420  |  13

That's pretty pathetic you can't get out of a parking spot. I was 10 when I learnt to drive and by time I was 14 id back into parking spots with ease. It's not complicated to park a car nor is it to back one up. It's not a skill anymore everyone has a car and if you can't drive like the rest of society stop driving.

By  marinus_fml  |  19

Why would anyone count how many turns it took?

OP just keep practicing. I'm sure I've heard somewhere before that practice makes perfect. Just be sure to take out extra insurance.

  Marcella1016  |  31

Wow someone's actually being nice to OP? After reading number 3 and their replies I thought everyone would be dicks.

I went to drivers ed at 16 and just got my first car at 25 (pathetic I know). But in drivers ed for regular turn-in parking we had to park between 2 cones with a loooot of extra space. Now I'm terrible at parking between 2 real cars and am always really crooked or too close to one of the cars. I just need practice. Just like op. Jerks.

By  monagro  |  22

Well that probably means you should've never gotten your licence. I think its more FML for the guy who's car you hit (Today my car was hit by someone trying to leave a parking space. She did a 12 point turn, but the attendant still had to drive her out of the space. She will be parking there every day. FML)