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Today, my girlfriend of 3 years confessed that at first, she'd only dated me to get her friend jealous, and that even now, she "only kind of liked" me. I bought a ring only a few days ago, and was planning on proposing to her. FML
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Don't put it on your balls.

Hehe but that always gets the ladies!

I_R_Genius 3

I....I don't know what to say to this one. So, I'll just say this. Shit happens, get over it.

I_R_Genius 3

I...I don't know what to say on this one. Shit happens, get over it.

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ryanst 7

Even if she lied, you'd think he'd be able to tell if she doesn't really like him.

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My friend said hez gonna do that one day

Uncool_LikeYou 0

couldn't you tell by the way she acted around you that she only kind of liked you??

devilbuddy66 5

haha that was another fml haha ur good

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only good game for playstation is the 2011 MLB the show. xbox Is the way to go

He should propose to her like the other FML guy asking for a *******

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because naturally thats what we,as men, are driven to do.

roxigirl4235 3

Definitely thinking the same thing lol

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I want to give you a hug op):

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lmao , reminds me of a recent fml xD

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well u have a ring and theres a pawn shop

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why would you pawn the ring? keep it for another girl. rings, (unless personalized) are interchangeable with the fingers many women. why waste all that cash, just cos? it's simple to put it in a box, and wait.

Uh cause that ring was chosen especially for her. I doubt many women would put on that ring if they knew it was originally for someone else's finger.

if a girl is that picky, that she can't wear a 3k+ ring just cos some other girl was going to get it first, but then ****** up, she's a greedy bitch. 'nuff said.

he meant he bought a ring out of the bowling alley quarter machine. its orange with big plastic sapphires.

klonopin, I don't think a girl is greedy for wanting a ring that was chosen for her. Women and men can be pretty insecure, and no one wants to feel like every time their S.O. looks at their ring, they'll be thinking of that girl they were going to propose to.

To be completely honest, any man STUPID enough to tell a girl that her ring was meant for someone else, shouldn't be marrying or procreating. now, I understand the insecurity part if they found out. it just strikes me as strange as to why you would pawn it, or tell the ring receivee that it was meant for someone else. I've never met a girl that would turn down a ring, just cos someone other than them almost had it. you can't expect to be someone's first love. NEVER expect that. be happy you're getting a ring at all. imo of course.

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Trade the ring in for a ***** then break up with her, or confront her in a gorilla suit.

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confront her in a gorilla suit WITH *****

jonverdevex 0

why the hell would a guy buy a ***** you fag

or better, confront her in a sildo suit WITH a Gorilla!!

wtf a ***** you meen a gorillas ***** or you with a ***** Ina gorillas suit a gorrilla with a ***** in it's ass?

SpicyGrass 0


Come up behind her in the gorrila suit and stab her with the *****

Come up behind her in the gorrila suit and stab her with the *****

toss her to the side like a used Kleenex! you don't need her crap.

I don't think people wipe thier asses with Kleenex

HayItsJobin 0

^ i love your picture. haha.

ryanst 7

I don't think people wipe their asses with crap, either.

that sucks. save the ring for someone who deserves it

Go for her sexy friend instead, I mean, she likes you anyway.

"Was planning on" being the key phrase. It sucks, but at least you're not finding out about this after you married her.

but atleast that is better then if he did proper to her, and she said no, that's like every single guys worst nightmare.

at 52 she might have said yes since she sound like she was only in the relationship so she wouldn't be alone