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Today, my girlfriend confessed that she was scared that she was more in love with me than I was in her, and that she was afraid I would leave her. So she left me instead. I'd been thinking about proposing. FML
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Oh nooooooo go after her with the ring!!

Don't sit around on the internet - go win her back!! If you're both that crazy about each other, it shouldn't be hard.


Oh nooooooo go after her with the ring!!

I agree with #1. Prove her wrong bud :)

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Yeah, why would you let her do that with no response to contradict her?

Actions speak louder than.... Thoughts...

Women: Will we ever understand them? OP, if you truly love her, chase her down and slide that ring right on her finger! Also, use a real catchy pick up line. Like, the one about changing nothing but her last name ;)

"If you're the cowboy, I'm the horse. You can ride me all day long baby!" - Guaranteed to get her back.

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Op it was just an excuse to leave you. Apparently, she has been thinking of this for awhile now. It's that same excuse "it's not you, it's me."

Yeah, go after her. Don't let her paranoia ruin it for both of you, maybe if you show her how much you love her, she'll get over it.

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Am i the only one that thinks the gf lied about her insecurities as a lucritive plan to just dump op and make him think it was his fault..?

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Could be. It really depends on her personality and the way she discussed it with him. Sometimes people take a tone that really makes you think they're lying. Hopefully OP was able to discern the difference so that he can act accordingly.

#102 dumping people can be lucrative? I mean, sure with divorce but a regular relationship? How much can you get? The longer the relationship the bigger the payout? I've got a boyfriend of a few years, you see, and I need some extra funds...

Don't sit around on the internet - go win her back!! If you're both that crazy about each other, it shouldn't be hard.

I've heard many people say the same thing to their "loved one" it could possibly be a cop out.

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Use this line- "You may be crazy but I'm crazy about you". Or something of that sort.

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....not listen to jay75euro, who doesn't seem able to even finish a sentence. Go find her, show her she is wrong, and have a good 50+ years together. Don't give up mate.

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He may be right, actually. Why didn't stick around and try to make it work anyway? If she did that, she would've understood just how much love was actually involved. That's what you do in a true relationship when you love eachother. You stick by eachother until the absolute end.

Toxicghost254- I'm sorry but I think that's only in fairy tales. Just because you love someone does not mean it will always work out. But anyway in this case Im not sure if op deserves it or not because a lot of girls use that excuse for a break up and in that case FHL. But if op was not showing affection as he should because he loved her then I'm going with HDI.

Let me finish that sentence: ...with her

Totally agree. Maybe the OP really wasn't showing enough affection.. I mean if she didn't feel loved enough then how would marriage work out anyway? But whatever, it's a hard one to judge without knowing both the OP and his girlfriend properly

#3: Agreed. You better let her go. F her Life

You should confess to her that you were going to propose to her and u still thinking about proposing

Is it just me considering that she was just saying that as an excuse to leave him? It's pretty much like saying "it's not you, it's me".

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Or maybe she's just testing him because she wants to marry him too. That is assuming that OP hasn't disclosed his proposal plan. She wants to check if OP is a keeper after all. You know that saying, 'If someone comes back after you let him go, you can be sure of his love.' Yes girls can be really paranoid.

73 - Or maybe she was just mindfucking him to break up with him and get away from him? Anyways, I'm sorry, but doing that just "to check" is ****** up. OP, you might be better off without her. Keep your head high and find another.

I agree, I think this was just a line that made the OP feel less shitty, in order to actually break up with him. Just like the line, "you deserve someone better than me" or some bull like that.

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Wow... People can be really insecure... I'm sorry .. You'll find someone else soon that will have confidence in your love and in the relationship you have.

I know what's up with all the dumb girl friends lately. And OP go get her back there ain't no time like the present to do something about it

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Ouch, that really sucks. Maybe you should tell her that you were gonna propose? Maybe she'll come back :)

Don't think, DO! If you really love her, that's the only choice you've got :)

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You snooze you lose. Women just. LOVE a man that can't make a decision. NOT.

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This guy knows what he's talking about.

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He shouldn't propose unless he's 100% sure that it's what he wants. Otherwise it'll cause more pain for everybody.

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Got a friend that dated a girl for years. She dump him because he never proposed. She married someone else a year later and now he can't get over it.

To be honest, it sounds like a cop-out on her part.

I agree. I think her excuse for breaking up sounds sketch

Woman logic... Go get her back, if you really love her you will. I'm sure if you gave her the ring, she'd know you loved her just as much.

I see a little in her logic if op did not show affection but, that's the only conclusion that I could come up with for her to break up with op.