By Anonymous - 13/11/2014 18:50 - South Africa - Cape Town

Today, I proposed to my girlfriend of 5 years. She bitched me out for not getting the ring she had been "hinting" me to get, and angrily left. FML
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what a b***h for not respecting the moment and ruining it just because she didn't get exactly what she wanted at least you see her true colors now


Agreed. Maybe you dodged a bullet. If she cares about jewelry more than she cares about you, she's probably not wifey material anyway.

buy the ring then shove it down her throat

#20: Double agreed. Getting rejected was a blessing in disguise

I totally second that. If a piece of metal matters to her more than the proposal, I'd seriously reconsider that relationship.

She was probably hinting OP that she's not worthy of getting married.

what a b***h for not respecting the moment and ruining it just because she didn't get exactly what she wanted at least you see her true colors now

Just shows she values the ring more than the actual relationship. She's awful

Me and my fiancé went shopping for rings together and he was adamant that he wanted to get me a plain solitaire ring, as that way he could afford a bigger diamond. I'll admit that we argued about it as I wanted a ring with some more details on it, and my point was that I will be the one to wear it for the rest of my life. In the end we managed to find a compromise in a solitaire with a twisted band that I fell in love with. When he eventually proposed it was with a ring that I pointed out to start with that he wasn't the biggest fan of. Having said all of this, if he proposed with a ring I hated I would have happily said yes - it is not the ring that makes a proposal it is the fact that you want to spend the rest of your lives together. If the ring he pulled out was a stainless steel band with a glass gem on it I would have accepted! So yes, OPs girlfriend was a bitch for running out and ruining the moment, if she wanted to marry the man she would and should have said yes. But I think she is entitled to her opinion on the ring that she is expected to wear until her dying days.

Have some class and leave her ass. At the minimum re-evaluate why you are marrying someone that's not respecting you or reciprocating your feelings.

Wow, sounds like she should be grateful to get a ring in the first place!

AviKerensky 17

Sounds like you're better off. Imagine how angry she'll be when you don't get her the 'correct' anniversary gift, or any of the actually important things.

Call me a romantic or whatever, but i always thought that when you propose to the right girl, the size of the diamond or the ring type wouldn't matter. Well maybe i am too naive...

No, you're exactly right. It's just like that when you propose to the right girl. Evidently this was not the right girl.

It seems that perhaps this girl wants a ring more than she wants to be married....

You're right, but a lot of women get away with being nasty bitches. I once had a coworker tell me she'd immediately end a relationship if he had the nerve to propose with anything less than a carat. When I was with my ex, my ring was a 1/4 carat solitaire that I picked out myself, and I got shit for it . I was told I should have DEMANDED a bigger ring or left him (I should have left him much sooner than I did, but not for those reasons). I don't know if women who care more about the relationship than the rock are in the minority or just quieter than the greedy hags.

My ex had his dad buy my ring. I would never say yes or no to a ring, but I wish I'd known when I responded.

My husband didn't propose with a ring. We picked it together afterwards, but I would have said yes if he'd proposed with an onion ring. Stuff the ring. The look on his face when I said yes is what I will always remember.

My dad used a ring that he found on the ground during a holiday. The are happily married for more then 30 years.

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I would be happy with a string tied on my finger. The act and thought that someone wants to spend forever with me is the best feeling and what I would 'show off'. Like any girl I would like a ring but a ring picked from the heart not the biggest shiniest stone. But like I said, my bf could use a string and I would be happy.

I think that just by the proposal I'd be all happy and melty on the inside. If my boyfriend proposes with a piece of wire around my finger, I wouldn't care, I'd say yes a million times. I hate people who demand things like this. Someone tries their best to make another person happy but to them, it isn't enough, and that's just sad.

Or you could propose the way Penny did in Big Bang Theory and just propose without a ring...

Well, she also just hinted to you that she is not the woman you should marry.

Don't marry a person that values material over love

You are marrying the man/women, you aren't marrying the ring. Inconsiderate greedy twat