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  Sunflower1919  |  19

Me and my fiancé went shopping for rings together and he was adamant that he wanted to get me a plain solitaire ring, as that way he could afford a bigger diamond. I'll admit that we argued about it as I wanted a ring with some more details on it, and my point was that I will be the one to wear it for the rest of my life.

In the end we managed to find a compromise in a solitaire with a twisted band that I fell in love with. When he eventually proposed it was with a ring that I pointed out to start with that he wasn't the biggest fan of.

Having said all of this, if he proposed with a ring I hated I would have happily said yes - it is not the ring that makes a proposal it is the fact that you want to spend the rest of your lives together. If the ring he pulled out was a stainless steel band with a glass gem on it I would have accepted!

So yes, OPs girlfriend was a bitch for running out and ruining the moment, if she wanted to marry the man she would and should have said yes. But I think she is entitled to her opinion on the ring that she is expected to wear until her dying days.

By  pooldude  |  24

Call me a romantic or whatever, but i always thought that when you propose to the right girl, the size of the diamond or the ring type wouldn't matter. Well maybe i am too naive...

  Villy23  |  12

You're right, but a lot of women get away with being nasty bitches. I once had a coworker tell me she'd immediately end a relationship if he had the nerve to propose with anything less than a carat. When I was with my ex, my ring was a 1/4 carat solitaire that I picked out myself, and I got shit for it . I was told I should have DEMANDED a bigger ring or left him (I should have left him much sooner than I did, but not for those reasons). I don't know if women who care more about the relationship than the rock are in the minority or just quieter than the greedy hags.

  TheLittleBear  |  19

My husband didn't propose with a ring. We picked it together afterwards, but I would have said yes if he'd proposed with an onion ring. Stuff the ring. The look on his face when I said yes is what I will always remember.

  jthmtwin  |  16

I would be happy with a string tied on my finger. The act and thought that someone wants to spend forever with me is the best feeling and what I would 'show off'.

Like any girl I would like a ring but a ring picked from the heart not the biggest shiniest stone.

But like I said, my bf could use a string and I would be happy.

  wyverntail  |  15

I think that just by the proposal I'd be all happy and melty on the inside. If my boyfriend proposes with a piece of wire around my finger, I wouldn't care, I'd say yes a million times. I hate people who demand things like this. Someone tries their best to make another person happy but to them, it isn't enough, and that's just sad.