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Today, I discovered my boyfriend has been slipping me abortion pills to "supplement" my regular birth control. FML
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Thumb this comment up if you think: 1) slipping abortion pills as a supplement is dangerous 2) OP has an ass of a boyfriend

wow . what a terd ball. start slipping him estrogen pills. that'll show em


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Your boyfriend is an idiot. Tell him to grow into a condom if he doesn't want you to get pregnant.

grow into one? if he was that small then that would be b.c. in my book. small dick=no sex=birth control

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Yeah I'm sorry. I didn't realize the size of a dick get women pregnant, not semen. Sorry. Where did you say you went to school?

fail, do I really need to explain? ok, a guy that has a 1 inch dick will never have sex, so no way of getting pregnant. No sex=no babies, second time I said this? Yeah

It's really simple. If he has a small penis, he won't get any. If he's not having sex, she's not going to get pregnant. Understand? Try reading the comment before you jump down someone's throat.

thank god someone has logic, thanks lol where did YOU go to school?

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Obviously he is her boyfriend, which we probably assume they might have sex already. Besides, the condom thing was a joke to all you people who take every comment up the ass. Learn to relax and have fun.

I loved your reply Diamond. Funny shit. I got that it was a joke. :/ Unlike some.

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Thank you. Some people can't identify I joke unless some sort of symbol is posted at the end: lol, jk, :D, haha an so on.

Got to love TK1279s sex education -All the boys with small penises can leave the room because you will never ever have sex anyway, so this is just a waste of your time.

Diamond I was hoping that you were joking, I gave you the benefit of the doubt

...dood invest in a new face,theres something wring with that one.

says that one guy with the fake ass spray tan. nice splotch, dood.

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I'm a girl and I would totally jump on a 1-inch dick, so your comment about small-dick men not getting sex is... WRONG! Lol It's harder to get a girl pregnant, yes, but that's because the sperm has to travel that extra 'mile', not because they can't get laid. Jeez! There is such a thing as small-dick fetish, FYI.

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small dick fetish WTF how can some 1 want a small dick we guys make fun of those small dick people for a reason

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wow @small dick fetish. Just wow...

Yeah well, you guys shouldn't try to predict what we girls would like. <.<

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To be honest, I didn't look at it as a joke, but a clever turn-of-phrase. Use a condom and stop trying to manipulate the gf by slipping stuff into her birth control pills. It seemed fine to me. Not quite sure what all the fuss is about.

wow . what a terd ball. start slipping him estrogen pills. that'll show em

Then he'll start growing some boobs!!! haha!!

yeah estrogen pills or tell him how healthy soy nuts are!

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I agree. for being such a pu$$y. lmao!

I know this is nothing... but I moderated this! It was my first ever. :p LOL

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you are breaking up with him right?

That is disgraceful, I dont like it when people jump straight to DUMP HIM!!! but I think this would be a legitimate reason.

I agree. Usually I might suggest talking to him, but this can't be good for your future fertility. One thing I'm confused about, however- was he slipping you the morning after pill? Or the actual abortion pill? Both require more than one pill per dose, and both require a prescription (in many areas.) Even if he's using the morning after pill and doesn't need a prescription, both pills are super expensive. I'm not sure if he was actually slipping you these pills or just telling you he did, because it's not really adding up.

That's terrible. But how was he slipping you pills? Didn't you wonder when you had to take an extra pill...? Or was it crushed up and mixed in with your food or something? I would dump him, I have a feeling he's been seriously endangering your health by slipping you abortion pills.

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the morning after pill does NOT give you your period the same day. who on earth taught you that?

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sometimes it will make you have your period right then and then for the next week or so, sometimes you don't start your period until you're due to start it. it depends on where you are in your menstrual cycle, among other factors.

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Obviously, he slipped it in her Charlie Sheen.

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Is the morning after pill OTC or does it require a prescription? Seems kind of odd that he would be able to get a prescription for this.

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Red, it's at the discretion of the pharmacist.

It said abortion pill so Im thinking he was slipping her that R48 pill or w/e its called which is legit an abortion pill not the morning after pill.

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Don't just dump him, give him a swift kick to the balls too. We don't need guys like that procreating, at all.

call the cops on him that's dangerous.... and I would probably dump his ass. I am not kidding about calling the cops what a $&@!

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