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Today, I got food poisoning and have had the worst diarrhea ever. I laid down in bed, hoping to get some rest when my dad thought it'd be a good idea to sneak into my room and scare the shit out of me. Literally. FML
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He tried to scare the bad stuff out of you all at once , but then again FYL.

If I were u I'd start thinking about how to get him back maybe u can literally scare the shit out of him :p


u mean scare the liquid out of you that's why they call it diahrea and not shit..

^^ lmao this...op your fml made me laugh..Better change them sheets

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#16 get over ittt. op i feel sorry for you ! :(

Or better yet, make your dad change the sheets.

saywaturcoco 0 is the first day back to school after the spring breaks so I'm realy upset nd now u just made my day!

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Today, I tryed to scare my son when suddently shit flies in the air and lands on my face. FML

damn first the dog and now the daughter?! no one is safe it appears...

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LOL I wish I could scare the shit out of people.

is it just me or is 43's spring break really early?

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Ikr mines not for another week!!! RIP Mariano!! ):

I just threw up the yogurt I was eating Damn, FML.

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Girls don't poop. Stop all the lies!!!•••

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looks like you just shit ur bed.

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ohh man haha that sucks. hope he didn't know u had diarrea, cause if he did, well, that's a parenting fail

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He tried to scare the bad stuff out of you all at once , but then again FYL.

hah Pwned! (: I would never have mentioned it but sure put it on a website for everyone to see lol

If I were u I'd start thinking about how to get him back maybe u can literally scare the shit out of him :p

perdix 29

I do. She likes penis butter and I'd like to be her supplier.

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Actually, I find her comments rather refreshing. Intelligence and humour will get you far in life, why don't you try it?

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! haZ sum AW3suM Grammer dergg wh0 R3@LLY g!v3 a SHYT?

@67 I agree that butchered posts are annoying, but she takes it too far. The OP is hardly butchered. If you can't read it, you're the retarded one. Some of the smartest people I know have the worst grammar and spelling I've ever seen for an adult. So what if you misspell a word or two. It's not like we're grading an English term paper. You know who else had horrible spelling and grammar? Einstein and Beethoven. It's a nice skill to have but not having it doesn't automatically make you an idiot.

some of us are very intelligent such as being top of our class at a major big ten catholic university but we don't feel the need to correct every single post someone has.

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If you are at a catholic university, you aren't intelligent.

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@75- do catholic universities have their own Big Ten? or are you in a different country? because the Big Ten conference in the US (recognized by the NCAA) doesn't have any catholic schools, and I personally wasn't aware of any other group of schools calling itself the "big ten". I'm not trying to call you a liar or anything, I'm just curious what you mean by "big ten catholic university". maybe you just mean top ten?

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snickerdoodles is chill. I like her so the rest of you can **** off. :D

Lmao @ 75.. Way to show your intelligence with piss-poor grammar that streams on into some sort of "sentence-paragraph". Top of your class? in "Pediatric Male Anatomy", perhaps? Obviously not English, pederast.

meant to say top ten. I go to depaul university in Chicago. and just because it's catholic doesn't mean I am or that I'm learning any religion at all, it's simply a great school.

105 you're hilarious. i work my ass off in school and I don't feel the need to use full sentences in a stupid app. if I were writing a research paper then of course, my grammar would be perfect but this IS just an app correct? also I'm majoring in forensic psychology with a minor in're wrong again

I have to say, just reading the comments on this is fun.

Aww that sux...feel better soon :)

wow. that sounds like something my dad would do.

Did it get everywhere? Same exact thing happened to me the first time I ate at Chipotle. After a couple of months you'll get used to it.

Used to the Chipotle or the diarrhea?

You get used to the fact that Chipotle gives you bloody diarrhea. I don't mean "bloody" in the European way.

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lol snickerdoodles is a loser F her life haha