By hadtocleanthemess - 28/06/2011 12:35 - Canada

Today, my dog got his head stuck in a container, panicked, and shat himself all over the living room. FML
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aww poor dog...

Shadow1368 17

That's a shitty situation.


aww poor dog...

now the race-ist. choosing dogs over ur own kind

poor living room.

eckksDeeitsTravi 0

you're all telling me you DON'T shit all ober your house? you people are crazy!

shrinkydinks 0

my dog just crapped on my carpet a few days ago! sorry op, cleaning dog crap sucks.

NeonBlack 0

it could be worse, OPs dog could've had diarrhea xD

Its time to put him down like old yeller

eminemchick 19

lmfao love the way op stated that, "..panicked and shat himself all over.." XD

KingGeorgeGal 12

The dog is your responsibility, if you did not want to deal with cleaning up messes, you shouldn't haven gotten a dog.

Need a shovel?

EmilyShmemily496 0

oh crap.

This is why I hate dogs.

#68, oh my god really? that is pretty creative I must say

108 you're right it was, unlike your comment, which was pretty crap tbh.

A shatty situation

ImmortalKratos 0

animals belong outside. not living with humans that's how diseases spread

my dog did the same thing! but his collar got caught on the dishwasher rack and he pulled the whole thing out!

and that's a bad thing?

allthatremains25 0

and they hate you too, 87. so you're even.

TheRealBruce 12

Oh Noo! that's Jeffrey's dog

TheRealBruce 12

Oh Noo! that's jeffrey's dog

My name is jamie, and i am da tank. wanna fight about it?

Shadow1368 17

That's a shitty situation.

TaylorTotsYumm 10

You're just too witty.

Simple solution - get a new living room. Problem solved. I help because I care.

Well shit, I didn't mean to put this comment here. I meant to lambast Shadow1368 for the shitty situation comment and put this comment at the end.

Shadow1368 17

Smooth move DocBastard.

Xr70r7 4

I think you mean shatty.

I see what you did there...

JoeyPterodactyl 0

Expletives have no place in the comments.

JoeyPterodactyl - really? They don't? *rereads site rules* Actually, Rule 6 explicitly states, "Have fun!" and I find cursing fun, so I'm clearly following the fucking site rules.

76 but my threadjacking gets in the way of the rules but one of the rules states have fun and my threadjacking is fun for me. SO MUCH CONTRADICTION!!! AAHH!! *head explodes* Good thing I can live without my head. Lucky I memorized the keys. 8)

Forgive me, but what the fuck are you talking about? The site's very name is "FUCK my life." That really should fucking set the scene for you. As you can tell, I have less patience for fake fucking politeness than Alan has strands of hair.

Sirin I haven't said this but I love you. Everytime I read a comment of yours you just obliterate someone.

rebeldevil 4

tushe sirin. tushe.

Tushe? I believe it is touché. Not trying to be pedantic but just for future reference.

hahahah I see what you did there. that's fuckin funny though!!! 

I just jizzed my pants when I saw that DocBastard has posted 3333 comments on this site.

Heyy DocBastard is back !! just the other day I was wondering whatever happened to him. :) his comments are definitely the best i've seen on FML :P

mismonroe 0

Don't act like you wouldn't do the same.

WhiteBoyThatCan 0

I would definately have sex with you.

ditto ditto ditto.

ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto (: iCan Love You Lonq Time (x

ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto. iCan love you LongTime (:

C-C-Combo Breaker!

If I watched this, I'm not sure if I would find it sad or outrageously funny.

Definitely, Outrageosly funny

anyone that finds this sad has no sense of humour

giantsfan2010 23

what about op who has to clean it up?

did you clean it up?? I would kill the dog

sxe_beast 11

You would kill a dog for shitting all over the place due to extreme trauma!? Wow.

iEatGuppies 0

you heartless bastard. you would kill the dog? wow.

Nah I'm pretty sure op just let the shit sit there. And the whole killing the dog thing, is horrible.

Take a wild a crazy guess. Also you're a prick

KiddNYC1O 20

You'd kill Kenny?! You bastard. Wow.

KingGeorgeGal 12

Fucking retard.

balest22 0

5- if u would read the fucking username u would know the answer to ur question u heartless bitch.

IronMaiden45 0

I'm sure in another universe a dog is thinking that about you asshole

WhiteBoyThatCan 0

the comtainer might have not killed him, you probably were constipated and decided to use some turbo lax so without thinking you left the turbo lax on the counter w/o the cap on it and your dog liked the smell and knocked it over, drank it, got extremely excited and went to see you, hit his face while drinking and got his face stuck and shatted him/herself.. but your explanation sound quoted reasonable also.

WhiteBoyThatCan 0

So is Texas.

WhiteBoyThatCan 0

oh yeah, I failed when it comes to grammar :(

92- coming from you, the hypocrite that can't spell stupid...

You asshole:D Killing a dog for a small think is effin retarted.

WhiteBoyThatCan 0

123 you're wrong that's hilarious! no I'm jk that is pretty sad but I don't think he really would have killed the dog, maybe punished it or kept it away from dog head sized containers :p

eog314 0

haha. i was the 69th person to thumb down..

WhiteBoyThatCan 0

win ^

Serial killer much hmm

he was obviously just trying to help interior decorating. He figured the walls would look better with a nice, shitty brown.

eckksDeeitsTravi 0

the dog paints the walls the same way my mom does!

cowsgomooxP 0

Gives a new meaning to "scared the crap out of myself"....

WhiteBoyThatCan 0

I saw that coming, but I like it.

no it doesn't, it gives a literal meaning. not a new one.

oh god, shut up kid.

Whatthe HELL is wrong with your picture posing 114?!?! Like I'm one to talk with this freaky ass picture lol.

WhiteBoyThatCan 0

114 is a chode nose grammar Nazi..

peakcheer 2

did you have to clean it up? I don't understand why this is a fml

OP's name: hadtocleanthemess. L2FML.

mintcar 9 better start cleaning.

mintcar 9 better start cleaning.

WhiteBoyThatCan 0

and you better stop being emo and black before somebody gets confused..