By Andrew7847 - United States
Today, I finally managed to get through to the radio station that I always listen to. I handed the phone to my dad so he could win the prize for me, because I'm under 18. He hung up because he thought it was a prank call. FML
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  xcarxcrashx  |  9

He probably had to hand the phone off to his pops quickly. The radio station isn't going to hold while he explains. But hopefully he said something and didn't just hand him the phone.

  PYLrulz  |  17

28 - not necessarily true. I had called in and won a prize through a radio station years back when I was under 18, and they allowed me to put my mom on the phone to accept the prize.

  J3R3MYY  |  14

OP Im sorry to say but YDI. You could have won the prize and got your dad to to get it from yhe radio station. Just lie for the time being.

By  Twitch92  |  7

It's always best to EXPLAIN to them first. I would have also hung up if you randomly handed me a phone. Or you know, wait till you can legaly win to try.

  xcarxcrashx  |  9

It's usually the law, they couldn't give you the tickets because if you went to say a concert you won tickets to as a minor and didn't ask your parents first then you got hurt the station could be liable. So it's just easier for them to say you must be 18 or older to win.


Any all ages show I've ever been to, no matter what the band, no one ever got hurt. If someone fell in a mosh pit, everyone stops and helps them back up.. Maybe that's just the kind of community I live in though,


That's the community dude, I was at a few concerts recently, and was nearly squashed by a few moshers who were at least double or triple my weight (that's unfortunately not an exaggeration, andI'm like 165, do the math o.O but I digress.) that happened because people wouldn't help me up or allow me space to get a footing. So yeah, it's always the community xD

Moshing is still amazing tho xD
(as long as hardcore dancers stay out Dx)