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By minime94 - 15/11/2012 06:35 - United States - Sunset

Today, I proposed to my girlfriend while we were on my couch having a romantic moment. She seemed incredibly excited when she saw the ring and put it on. The way she bolted out the door tells me I'm not going to see her again. FML
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O ye of little faith, OP. she was just going to tell her friends she's getting married! And driving away to see her family. And blocking your number because she's getting a new phone. And leaving the country because..she...um, okay, maybe she ditched you.


She didn't say she'll be right back because she's showing it off I thought OP said she wasn't going to see him him again.

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Anai08 17

Truly, I doubt going to show it off is why she left in a hurry. Yet, I feel genuinely confused as to how this all happened. OP gives her the ring, she excitedly puts it on, and the leaves without another word? I mean, it certainly seems like a rejection, but can the girlfriend honestly think she can get away with the ring and never see OP again? They've been dating for awhile obviously, he probably knows where she: lives/works/hangs out plus at least some of her friends and family. The only way it could make sense to me, is of maybe she was in shock/didn't know how to express her emotions and reacted badly (by bailing).

I agree with #1. Partly because I really wish for the best for OP, but also because I know someone who has done this. No judgment - the girl I know was just super excited, and wanted to show her family in person.

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tjv3 10

Well if she didn't say yes and took off report it stolen. Lol . you proposed which requires a yes or no answer . If the answer is no then the girl doesn't get the ring . Yes = ring No = no ring. Am I wrong to think like this?

NoSubway4Me 8

But if she went to show if off really quick, wouldn't she have been back or called or something before he had a chance to post the FML...? I don't see why he would IMMEDIATELY post this unless she really did not come back. FYL.

There is also the possibility the entire FML is made up or misconstrued to make it an FML when it isn't and they wanted to get one published. Not say it is necessarily false, it's just a possibility

I say that if she actually stole it, just call the police. They'll be able to localize her.

116's right. Not sure of states law, but in pa, you break off the engagement, the ring goes back to the buyer. Or as most married men would say, lucky dog!

kikiwi_fml 9

Should have put a tracking device in it. It might have come in handy at one point or another.

kittytub 12

I'm not quite sure that's a common practice, haha.

kikiwi_fml 9

It's the new thing for unfaithful spouses. Didn't you hear?

How does that fit on a ring? What powers it?

Ah, a joke. Well, that flew over my head at Mach 2.

CheeseTron 15

"Here honey, I got you a tracking device! It also comes with a ring glued to it!"

Actualy maybe it would be possible to have a tracking device in the ring if the device was specially made to loop inside the ring, there are some really small trackers out there, and to power it it could use the technology some watches use that automatically work when they are worn and are being constantly moved around, i forgot the exact name of it.

Thats the one ;), thanks miz... But yeah kinetic watches are great, thats the kind of watch i use now and love it.

imavelociraptor 6

If she was cheating she would have taken off the ring so the other person didn't see it...

CheeseTron 15

66- I'm pretty sure its piezo electronics.

71- the point was it could be used for that, nobody was insinuating she was unfaithful, just either a very inefficient con/thief or a girl who gets excited and just losses bits of thought in the moment, happens to me all the time...not this badly though...

I'm sure she just left to show off to everybody. good luck OP :)

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That's pretty ironic since it's coming from you, ain't it?

O ye of little faith, OP. she was just going to tell her friends she's getting married! And driving away to see her family. And blocking your number because she's getting a new phone. And leaving the country because..she...um, okay, maybe she ditched you.

She left the country to tell her friends, who conviently have no internet, cell phone or any other forms of communication.

And who conveniently for her are handsome, fit men.

And although extremely handsome and fit, non of them could afford a ring to get married to her... So now, since that part is taken care of, her life is complete :O!... Just not with OP.

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Insinuating women can be trained like dogs, nice one. You must be great with the ladies.

RvidxrKlvn 8

Oh, i didn't know she represented all the women in this world...

If she does, then I am never proposing to my girlfriend.

"Now I ain't sayin' she a gold digger" ... Well actually ...

Well now he's a broke........ You know the rest.

And if OP is a white guy, how would the next line go? Just curious.

^ He's a broke wiggeroo. That's how it goes bro.

And you just watched her leave? Run after that gold digger and tackle her. If she says she was just excited, tell her you were too - you just wanted to "celebrate" the engagement.

Didn't you know that gold digging ho's can run in high heels.

well..you could either wait, call her, or go to her home..and if nothing could call the cops? XD well that maybe an ass thing to do but meh. Hopefully she just took off to spread the good news.

Call the cops? He technically gave her the ring. Doubt they would do much about it.

I should say depending on state they won't do much in some cases. Knew someone who got dumped after giving ring and was told it was a gift and to take it up in court. Police wouldn't step in.

The law might be different in different states/countries, but I'm pretty sure an engagement ring is legally considered the OP's property until they get married. So the police should be able to take it from her if OP has the receipt.

Ha, the police are completely useless, they wouldn't get off their asses for a stupid engagement ring, they barely can be bothered to investigate murders... Lazy pigs!

So the girl is just borrowing it until the marriage? That just sounds odd.


I don't understand why OP doesn't chase after her and rather have the time to post a fml here. YDI