By A. nonymous - 14/12/2010 13:32

Today, my girlfriend made a delicious birthday breakfast, and she said there would be a surprise at the end. Today is not my birthday, it's her ex's. FML
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Eat your breakfast, get the surprise and then tell her. You get to celebrate your birthday twice this year!


Aslong as the woman is in the kitchen, you should be happy OP. :)

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rofl good one! and yeah, I bet OP didn't correct her until after the "surprise".

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she knows how to make you happy and sad at the same time "your dicks bigger than your brothers"

Eat your breakfast, get the surprise and then tell her. You get to celebrate your birthday twice this year!

to me this sounds like she made him breakfast for his birthday and then the surprise is that he is now her ex boyfriend. just saying. go ahead and smash my comment idk but this is the way I took the convo. 

I'm pretty sure the FML was edited to add that portion in. Not that it's relevant.

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That's the exact thought that ran through my mind.

Don't mention it. Just remind her when your real birthday gets near. If she brings up the celebration from earlier in the year, play dumb and tell her you thought it was just because she loves you. (...or that it was a practice birthday. lol)

Oh, shit. #59 is right! The breakfast wasn't for him.. Tough break.

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no thats actually a good question!???

Maybe they're friends? My fiancé is friends with one of my exes.

After the birthday sex, tell her it's not your birthday. It never hurts getting some extra breakfast, presents, and sex!

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he's actually at your mom's house according to his profile. and no, they are not having sex, unless your mother is a man.

@45 - I do now! @53 - Nope, it's a British accent @58 - That's exactly where I am! But what exactly makes you think the Dahk Lohd is gay?

Well, you do take that little foot to dance again. It was totally awesome.

have sex with her, and when she's about to reach her peak, tell her what an awful girlfriend she is. then bust your nut and pass out.

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oh that's hot, forget about my idea.

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#7 HolyHell, that's funny! OP, a Very Merry Unbirthday to you. It's my Unbirthday too!(:

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Chocolate cake and sex sounds like a pretty good way to spend the day especially when it's not your birthday. I think you should text her ex a thank you note.

Today, my ex celebrated my birthday with her current boyfriend. He even went out of his way to write me a note detailing the delicious breakfast she made for him and the amazing sex they had after. FML

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If she's getting her ex's birthday mixed up with yours, she clearly knows more about him then she does you, i say she steps it up or dump her. You deserve better than someone who's clearly still hung up on her ex.

Um, it was a mistaken date, it's not like she CHEATED on him. Imagine that, she makes him an exquisite breakfast, topped off with cake and sex, and suddenly he dumps her. "Yeah, uh, all this wonderful stuff you did for me? That means you're still in love with your ex. Now swallow that cum shot and **** off."

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hey that sounds like what i said to your mum the other night xD

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Well? Did she give you a happy ending?