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  KSGmama08  |  0

to me this sounds like she made him breakfast for his birthday and then the surprise is that he is now her ex boyfriend. just saying. go ahead and smash my comment idk but this is the way I took the convo. 

  kenyrabit  |  25

Don't mention it. Just remind her when your real birthday gets near. If she brings up the celebration from earlier in the year, play dumb and tell her you thought it was just because she loves you. (...or that it was a practice birthday. lol)

  starile  |  19

Today, my ex celebrated my birthday with her current boyfriend. He even went out of his way to write me a note detailing the delicious breakfast she made for him and the amazing sex they had after. FML

By  Stepherrss  |  0

If she's getting her ex's birthday mixed up with yours, she clearly knows more about him then she does you, i say she steps it up or dump her. You deserve better than someone who's clearly still hung up on her ex.

  starile  |  19

Um, it was a mistaken date, it's not like she CHEATED on him. Imagine that, she makes him an exquisite breakfast, topped off with cake and sex, and suddenly he dumps her.

"Yeah, uh, all this wonderful stuff you did for me? That means you're still in love with your ex. Now swallow that cum shot and fuck off."