By Xia - 18/10/2009 16:38 - United States

Today, I spilled a half bottle of superglue on my hands. I also found out that cold water only makes it harden faster. FML
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Sun_Kissed18 25
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At least you didn't spill nevercomeoff glue on your hands. That would suck.

At least you didn't mistake it for lube.

Zhejan 0

Looks like a sticky situation

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#38, I have seen SOO many of your awful jokes on this site, but for this one, I give you props.

At least you didn't mistake it for lube.

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"I also found out that cold water only makes it harden faster"... that's what she said

Saccharide 0

Imagine the OP typing this up with his hands glued together and this FML is a lot funnier.

lmao pretty sure it'd be hard to spill half a bottle of thick, viscous super glue on your hands without noticing

#88: There is superglue that is a liquid almost the consistency of water, available at most gas stations. It hardens in seconds just like the thicker stuff...

RUBING ALCOHAL people or nailpolish remover, eather works just fine.

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It has become an ingrained habit for me, whenever I buy Superglue/Krazyglue I also buy a bottle of nail-polish remover. One afternoon with the handset of a phone bonded to my hand was enough of a lesson for me.

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Nail polish remover will work to get this stuff off... But it won't be a quick fix.

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that's not possible b/c most superglues have two parts that you mix together so that story doesn't happen. although it is true that cold water makes it harden faster. so op, if u did do that, you are an idiot as u had already mixed the two together and then somehow managed to spill it on u. either way ydi.

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The only thing that immedietly came to mind after reading the post was American Pie 2

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wouldnt one hand be superglued to the faucet handle thingy?

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Moisture tightens the bond. retard.

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me too! and then my roommate was going to help me and glued herself up as well :D

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I was thinking that. Not really that big of a deal. Just kind of a pain.