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Today, my cousin taught me how to make dinner. My cousin is in first grade and I'm in college. FML
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..tonight we are having cheerios and marshmellows for dinner.

That kid went to

Did that kid go on

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dude those are the best!! mmm makin my mouth water(:

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Aww but that's cute he's a kid

that's not very safe OP, god take care of the kid, I think he's got a stinky now by the way.

it's not that hard. just gotta decide what you want. Chinese, Italian, Mexican ect. then just pick up the phone

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Ramen is the bane of my existence. I had to exist on the stuff for a week, with no other food, and I'm now unable to eat it. I liked it before, but when it's all you eat for every meal for seven days, you get sick of it super quickly. The food of weeaboos and poor students.

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if you're talking about cup ramen you dont know anything. if you want some real miso ramen or shouyu(soy sauce) ramen go to a restaurant owned by japanese people with a mostly japanese staff. thats where you can find real ramen.

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I have eaten "real" ramen (And I happen to know a fair bit about Japanese cooking. Not just the popular weeaboo shit either.) but when people talk of ramen, they rarely make a distinction between cup "ramen" and "real" ramen. In this case, we are referring to cup ramen.

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I've never had ramen in my life, nor do I think I ever will. =S

easy mac too, lol. and ydi. you should know to make a dinner-_-

48- get your ass some ramen. it is a delicious staple in a students life and you are missing out!

-39. I had to live off of ramen for two years because that's all my parents could afford after my house burning down and both of my parents being downsized due to the economy. I still find ramen ******* delicious. How the hell did u loose taste in something in just one week?

Sorry if that comment sounded like a troll, I just ment that you should give it another try and not get "sick of it" in just one week haha.

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I lived of ramen ((the nasty packet kind, not the real stuff)) for about 3-4 months now just the though of it nearly makes me vomit though...bring pregnant I occasionally have a craving for it x(

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seriously ramen is the best!!

Just can't beat a Florida education.

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Farside, that my friend was a tad offending, considering I was born and live in FL. OP, nothing wrong with that. Maybe she does an after school cooking program or one of her parents are cooks..? Especially if you are a guy, no biggie. I'm not being sexist, but most of the moms I know are housewives. Some moms work too though. This would only be a FYL if you are going to become a chef.. Sø not a FYL or YDI.

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All college aged people should at least be able to cook dinner. Is the Op's future spouse never to be allowed to be away for mealtimes to prevent starvation?

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A lot of people can't cook well. It's because we are all so used to cheap fast food that we don't care to take time to learn. She doesn't suck for not knowing how to cook, maybe it's that she finds it boring like me.

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so.... it's boring eating food that isn't floating in it's own grease?

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No. I personally hate fast food (read Fast Food Nation). What I meant is that it's hard for people to get into cooking, such as myself, because it boring and tedious to some people.

^Agreed. My former post was meant as a little gift from my friend to FML comments section.

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Your cousin will make a man really happy one day.

What does college have anything to do with this? Unless you're in a culinary institute, and if so you might want to seriously reconsider.

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She meant to show the great age difference. For a child to be teaching an adult how to cook is the fml here.

Well no kidding, but to describe their ages by their level in an institution of of learning is a poor and awkward way of stating an age difference, especially when ignorance or lack of skill in something is the topic under consideration.

yea.. ur first grade cousin took culinary arts in her class, didn't she..? :/ unless I'm wrong, they don't teach that until high school.. :P

What did he teach you to make, Mac and cheese

Or just eggs and toast :P. According to my boyfriend, you need a certain level of expertise for the mac n' cheese!

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Did you guys make Ramen or Macaroni?

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Youre like me (: Don't feel bad love

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Me too. I tried once, my dad told me to never try again after that. I feel for you, op!