By SURPRISE - Canada
Today, it was my girlfriend's birthday. To surprise her, I told her that I was going away on business, and could not be there on her birthday. When I show up at her house to surprise her with a present and cake, she opens the door in her underwear, beside a man in his boxers. She was surprised. FML
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  miss_madison  |  10

Ok. At first I was wondering why everyone was saying "aw fuck that bitch" because I read it as his grandma. I was thinking "hey. I would proud." Then I reread it and I agree. Fuck that bitch.

By  Mikeymikey  |  4

Maybe .... no... you're right, your life is fucked!! well at least you found out about it. and dont' throw milkshake on her lawn at 50mph. :) unless you want another FML

By  staffer  |  0

Damn dude that sucks, I hate cheating bitches. I hope you got some righteous revenge, like fucking her sister or mom, throwing the cake in her face and punching the dude. Also, probably BS cause no girl answers the door in her underwear dumbass.