By NosChersVoisins - 01/07/2014 04:55 - France - Bordeaux

Today, it's my birthday. My next-door neighbours gave me a stool and some rope. FML
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dakid87 10

Damn I'm sorry. Happy Birthday!!!

Cwizer 17

Hey, he remembered!! That's good!


dakid87 10

Damn I'm sorry. Happy Birthday!!!

Yeah awful neighbors. Hopefully it was a joke? (A really sick one for sure) I hope OP has a good birthday:)

or to create some super innovative flying rocking chair? just relax!

cdawg69 10

i know this may be lame..but suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.. try and look on the bright side.. forget your neighbor..and get some ice cream for your bday

39, I doubt OP is seriously considering suicide...

39- you stole the "suicide is a permeant solution to a temp problem" from Conan. That's just pathetic

Happy Birthday OP! It's my brother's birthday today too! It could always be worse though. It's better than nothing. At least you know what NOT to use that for...

imbatmanfir 15

Highly doubt Conan was the first person to ever say that.

i honestly read this FML differently. i thought he meant stool, as in poop O.O this way makes more sense. i was wondering what poop and rope could do together.

I thought poop too when I first saw the word stool, until I read the rope part, haha.

My neighbors never gives us stuff man

Well, it would have been a shitty gift either way.

Cwizer 17

Hey, he remembered!! That's good!

Well at least (s)he got a present! I'm pretty sure my neighbors don't even know my name

which is, you might want to add, a horrible thought.

41- my neighbors know my name... ;) trey songz anyone?

#2, exactly! the rope can be useful around the house! and the stool, too! I don't see the problem here :P

Cwizer 17

93 my thoughts exactly!!! Have to thankful for the little things in life

Yeah, they didn't want their pet stool anymore!

KVKdragon 26

It took me a few seconds to realize the horrible symbolism of those "gifts" 0_0

SalviBarbie 15

Well what'd OP do with it? Can't just leave us hanging..

Sadly, It took me longer. I thought they were just being thoughtless assholes.

drunkmunkey 24

Tell them you prefer knives and have been trying to find somebody to test them on and that you appreciate them volunteering as test subjects :)

PresidentNorth 16

its never to late to enter in a psych ward.

I think the neighbors are the ones that need to do that.

CallMeWindSock 24

Nice and subtle. That's the way to do it

well shit. maybe they gave a place to sit while you practice your knot tying skills.

niamhyo 13

I'm going to have to use that one sometime! Haha

niamhyo 13

lighten up, I wasn't being serious

killthedead 13

Yea, don't let them stool the joy of day from you.

I don't know why you got thumbed down... It was sort of a bad pun but it wasn't like "xD" or "Trololo" which is a lot worse.

Wizardo 33

Well perfect opportunity to make a rope swing out of it or maybe hoist up a massive FUCK YOU banner to your neighbours and their dick personalities.

Aw yeah! Cut the legs off the stool, drill a few holes... and just add rope. Instant gratification and payback.

Look on the bright side, at least now you can kill yourself for free!

drunkmunkey 24

you're forgetting funeral costs... it's not cheap to die

Why would I care whether my death/suicide costs one dollar or a million dollars? I'm going to be dead afterwards!

#25 Maybe you don't care but the people who will have to bear the costs of your funeral (usually the relatives) probably do.

#32 I would think that the relatives would be more upset about the death than the funeral costs.

Hah next minute you get the same birthday present, that is so rude to say.

#80 Obviously, I was talking from a money point of view only. Of course you're more upset about losing someone than the costs, but at the end of the end of the days, a funeral does cost a lot. It adds a financial strain on top of everything. So I find that a bit callous to say "why should I care how much it's going to cost since I won't be there?" People should care about such things in order to spare their loved ones as much as possible in such tragic circumstances.

Siettadulce 21

That's really rude, keep your head up OP. And also Happy Birthday!