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Today, as my dad and I were leaving a store, a man asked us if we could donate to an Alzheimer's fund. My dad hates being asked for money, and so he immediately hunched over and acted like a dirty, senile old man all the way to the car. FML
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My mum usually talks back in German to throw them off. Sometimes they speak back in German. She's lost then, as she only knows a few words. Not too clever either.

The worst part about Alzheimer's disease is...uh, I forget.


Should of gave him a weird look and told him to smarten up.

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Ah the ever classic brutality of spell checking and grammar nazi FMLers.

@25- Welcome to the internet.

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have given smurf... that's how I read it

Ah,Noor's picture is always cause for amusement. Say hello to Ezio for me. ^^

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Ahh. I love it when grammar nazis gang up on one post haha.

As long as it isn't your post right?

Post, right*

What a nice comment. Keep them coming, maybe one day might be dominated for a Nobel price

Dominated eh? Not sure that's how it works! Oh and hahaha

O fuck autocorrect, o well time crawl under a rock.... Thumb me down pls,

We all have Been there pet! I thumb you up! Smile :-)

50- You don't have to ask me to thumb you down. I'm a grammar Nazi. :)

Good cause no one asked you...

Darn. Looks like I said something really stupid, this is the first time I've been mercilessly buried. I guess I'll go on a shameful commenting hiatus for a couple of days.

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karmas gonna be a bitch.

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44 - Guns don't kill people... I do!

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Maybe karma would be nicer to us if we stopped calling her a bitch.

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Actually, you're's "Guns don't kill people...uhuh! I kill people...with guns!"

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You're wrong... I kill people with my bare hands! >;)

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And I... Kill people with magic

And I just kill people!

No more people killing!

Karma's only a bitch if you are!

So I guess karmas a bitch then.


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I would have laughed c:

Thanks for sharing. Diseases are funny, huh?

That's a new one lol

My mum usually talks back in German to throw them off. Sometimes they speak back in German. She's lost then, as she only knows a few words. Not too clever either.

Just make up your own language.. If they start talking back in the same Jibberish, go ahead and give them some money, they've earned it. :D

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Yo no, ah, speak Ingles

32 *Yo no hablo inglés. Good try though.

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52- I'm fairly certain #32 did that on purpose.

Lol 32- that's pretty much how I answer my phone if I don't know the number. 'Moshi Moshi? No engrish... Sorreh, no...' I get some interesting replies. But as for the FML. I dont see a reason to act dumb honestly, just tell them straight: sorry, I don't carry cash.

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101- are you positive you speak English?

das ist nicht gut.

There's nothing "FML" about this. None of that had anything to do with you, you just sound like a self centered preteen embarrassed by their dad's shenanigans.

I read this comment before it got moderated, and all I have to say to you is that you make a lot of assumptions.

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I don't like being asked to donate either (it makes me feel overly pressured) but your dad could've just politely declined, like most normal people do.

There's the problem. He's not a normal person.

The worst part about Alzheimer's disease is...uh, I forget.

Oh yeah! you mean the.... What was it again?

No no! You're both wrong! It's the...wait who are you people?

Muriel!!! Where's muh dinner?

Noor who's your husband again?

olpally 32

What is that behind noor? Oh look there's a cookie, what were we talking about???

36, that's A.D.D.

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Hi my name is todd. . . Hi my name is todd

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I know it's the internet, but man I hate Alzheimer's jokes. Alzheimer's completely destroys a person and, I know it's the Internet but man I hate Alzheimer's jokes. Alzehimers completely destroys a person and.. Uh.. Oops.

olpally 32

49- I don't care.. I was trying to be funny and it didn't work obviously as you pointed out.. Just thumb it down, miss Walmart... *thumb me down for being an ass* cuz once one comment goes, so do the rest of mine... Stupid trend...

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63- I was going to thumb you down, but it's called sympathy, bro. ;]

63, is there a reason you had to just chew me up and down? Until right now I've always thought your comments were entertaining but thanks for being a jackass for absolutely no reason.

olpally 32

Its because you sucked the fun right out of my comment... Sorry for being an ass though... My apologies.

What are you talking about?

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This is hilarious!! I would have laughed my ass off! My dad does the same stuff all the time and I think it's great :D

I did laugh! It was completely inappropriate for the occasion, though, so that's why it's an FML. (Oh, and I'm the OP.)