By Abyssal - 04/04/2011 18:29 - United States

Today, I was making love to my wife from behind. As we both reached climax at the same time, she threw her head back in ecstasy just as I buckled forward with pleasure. We slammed our heads together, effectively ending our orgasms. FML
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andres19 0

that's why you wear protection

doggy skill requires skill


doggy skill requires skill

AllKnowingBrett 0


And in most cases a video camera.

style^ that is


Doggy skill requires style.

39, you exceeded my expectations.

if u do it right she has no strength to throw her head back. her head shud be in a pillow muffling the the screams derived from liver busting pokes that have been delivered.

56....that's the stupidest thing I have heard all year

WaylonD 4

Lmfao! I always read your posts in an Asian accent in my head, like the old Kung-Fu movies sounded.

a_cassie 4

56, what does that mean? haha

71 - Love your profile! TAYLOR FUCKING HALL!

WaylonD 4

I'm talking about you 41.

rebekahah 7

2 heads are better than one... so quit trying to combine them!

lol roflecopter indeed

anal ought to teach her to do that again

lol oilers suck ****, last place 2 years in a row. Canucks gonna beat you guys tomorrow, also Woot! we're in 1st!!!!!

Srry guys, LA Kings are gonna take over! even with Kopitar out! PRIDE~PASSION~POWER Go Kings!

WOODYfromthaBAY 0

lmao. 131, what just happened to ur kings? nice little loss to tha sharks. haha. sharks baby! this is our year!

WOODYfromthaBAY 0

@138.. just some game people play with a bat and a ball. its rather lame.

Canucks baby all the way

Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who cheers for the leafs. Go leafs go! ^_^

WOODYfromthaBAY 0

sorry kid, tha leafs just arent good. they have 1 thing goin for em though.. sweet jerseys. lol.

dudeitsdanny 9

So... Paramore vs. Green Day.. Yeah! Wonder who won.. >.>;; Yeah, that's the only competition I've been keepig track of..

Detroits gonna show everyone this year! 20 straight playoff seasons, more that any other team from any sport ever ever! Woo hoo! :)

AceArctic 4

154 I do after watching the love guru.

well guess who beat Vancouver twice in a row, yea that's right the OILERS!!

WOODYfromthaBAY 0

tha oilers arent good man. lol. sharks baby! niemis bringin a cup to sj this season! we have a legit vezina tropyhy candidate, and a calder trophy candidate. our year!

Vancity Canucks for the ******* cup baby! Oh and dude, stop being so happy about the Oilers winning against us twice in a row when we already won the President's Trophy boy. You can clearly tell Canucks aren't trying anymore because we don't want to risk an injured player and the players are resting for the playoffs son. We pretty much already got the Stanley Cup in the palms of our hands!

beautiful jail bait.

Bofopio 0

Marc Nopfler

Carolina Hurricanes and Pittsburgh Penguins, just sayin'...

Canucks all the way!!!

cadillacgal79 32

What happened to this thread?

Omg that is like sooooo crazy like I am dying!!!!!! Fork you!!!!

If at first you don't succeed try again.

if at first you don't succeed, redefine success.

wow, that really sucks. at least she got an ******.

Sprklss 0

Half an ******...maybe not even half...

I read this as, "today I had sex, **** all your lives except mine"

At least they did it together.

Hmm. Sucks for you guys.

mygreenhoodie 0

hmmm good call

EffinToofer 3

Not really, they both came.

RedPillSucks 31

But the headbutt wouldn't have happened if they were both sucking.

zachgriggs13 0

ur hott

zachgriggs13 0

hey ur hott

is that you in your picture? looks like ron ang ginny weasley! : D

andres19 0

that's why you wear protection

I see what you did there

rebekahah 7

duh, winning!

Aznboifreakster 0


RedPillSucks 31

I'm on pins and needles here!!! I've got to know!!!! Your pretty what???

parkg1996 0

same here tell us!!!!

gollum: "my preeeciiooouusss" biggestboss: "your pretty" ?

ImInHawaiiBITCH 0


holymolybro 0

Did you perhaps laugh? I mean you're married, just do it again.

that's what's wrong with this fml. Married people don't have sex

103, I beg to differ. I've heard my parents in bed far too much. Insomnia, FML.

We're newlyweds. We were both virgins before marriage. You do the math.

lmaoatall 6

hahaha that was orgasmic- nothing wrong with a little primal, savage love makeing, but next time, use your heads and wear helmets

JockeyGirl 0

I'm pretty sure they already used their heads x]

lmaoatall 6

29 note my pun- head

I read 'making love to my wife' and concluded that this is not an FML. Bro, you're one of the lucky ones.

agreed! marriage is the female equivalent of ED

heathersmorin 0

Are you suppost to be pregnant in your profile picture??^^^

xojessayox 4

lmao 27 you fail.

xojessayox 4

lmao 27 you fail.

I think 27 has her baby in a wrap.. not sure though.

tinybear93 0


haha 44/46 you truely fail

44/46 - You're an awful bitch. 27 has her shirt pulled out showing off her weight loss. I actually saw her today on a mutual friend's page on a fitness website and she's lost a lot of weight. There's no need for bitches like you asking if she's pregnant. That's just rude and uncalled for.

42 and 44/46 - You're two are awful bitches. 27 has her shirt pulled out showing off her weight loss. I actually saw her today on a mutual friend's page on a fitness website and she's lost a lot of weight. There's no need for bitches like you asking if she's pregnant. That's just rude and uncalled for.

it said my first comment didn't post then I realized that it was actually was 42 calling her pregnant. I admit I screwed up but I still think they were both being bitches.

yea asshole shes just fat not pregnate. Dont offend pregnet people

cc_the_beast 6

In her profile it sex she has 3 kids, she may well have been pregnant in the pic. Back in your box, chocolate :-)

i believe she has hit her head a few times and look what happens

Actually, I'm friends with her. My comment was correct.