By lala8940 - United States
Today, my dog was licking the dishes in the dishwasher when his collar got stuck on it. Then he got scared of the dishwasher rack following him and ran away really fast. Now I have no dishes. FML
lala8940 tells us more :
To clear everything up: - they were dirty dishes going into the wash so it didn't really matter - I still have some dishes, but half of them are gone
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By  Keevarou  |  16

Better to have no dishes than no dog to love :)
Dishes can be bought, but not a dead dog you love or care about, or generally life.
But sorry to hear about the dishes though

  little_one  |  20

Rather have no dog... Sorry dog people but I just don't see what's to like about a big loud dog breaking dishes and being a bother... I'd rather have a cat purr and snuggle in my lap then a dog piss and shit on the floor and then lick my face a with a massive gross tongue. No love for dogs. Sorry just in my opinion.

  Badbrock  |  6

All of you that are thumbing me down need to get a grip on reality since a dog is a pet, totally different from a human. Some people have their own opinions so dont be douches and thumb me down for being sane.

  cBlackout  |  13

131 are you really begging us to not thumbs you down? You say everybody has their own opinion. And we think yours sucks. So therefore, you will get downwards thumbs.

  twisted_cherub  |  14

127- What horribly trained dogs have you been around? Mine never does her business in the house and she knows not to jump on people or lick faces (had to teach that very early). She's gigantic (Great Pyrenees), but trained well enough to know how to behave. On the other hand, cats don't train. Male cats spray all over, which is a nearly impossible odor to remove. With all cats you have to clean their crap, sweep the litter they kick all over the place, dispose of things they kill and half eat, keep them off cabinets, avoid stepping on them or tripping when they wrap around your feet, and get clawed when they're upset or getting comfy in your lap. They don't provide security and only give you companionship when they're in the mood to do so. I like cats well enough if they're outside or not mine. Just arguing the dog people's case.

131- I agree. As much as I love my dog, I cannot imagine the pain of losing a pet compares to that of losing a child. I have an aunt who makes people sit in the back of her pick-up so her dog can sit up front. My little sister once ended up in the ER with sun poisoning because of it. Dogs, on the other hand, have coats to protect from weather. The psychotic bitch nearly traded my sister's life for the dog's slight discomfort. Dogs are not people.


When was the dog going to die? That's like the stupidest, unrelated mention. It's like telling someone who's mom just died "oh at least you have your dad, for all you know the earth could have been hit by an asteroid and we ALL could have perished." Like wtf?


4/7- What's the big deal? They're getting washed anyway. And "It's their own fault for not training their dog properly?" Really? That's one of the most idiotic things I've ever read. Have you ever had a dog? It is not like programming a computer...your dog still has a mind of its own. The dog may have never done this before so OP might have not had the chance. It's not always easy to train pets.

  megantaptap  |  2

Seriously? Knows not to go near plates with food on them?! They are IN the DISHWASHER not on the table. My dog has done this before with a different outcome of course, and he went to the best dog trainer in our town. He is a dog. It happens.

  42istheanswer  |  27

42- if they are in the dishwasher, then there shouldn't be any food on them, and not everyone trains every behavior out of a dog, if you do their more like robots then an animal you can play with.

  pattipan  |  7

No. 105, that's a bunch of crap.

Dogs DO NOT have less bacteria in their mouths than humans. That stupid 'urban legend' has been around in years but here is the real fact.

When that infamous test was conducted, the human specimen in the sample had not brushed their teeth in MONTHS.

A regularly brushed human mouth is cleaner than a dog's by a mile.

By  calmyourself  |  7

I don't know if I just have a lot of dishes or what, but how were u able to fit all your dishes in one go?

Well, sounds to me like u don't have too many dishes to me so I'm sure u can find some cheap replacements. There's always paper plates

  brewmasterg  |  34

I'm sure many people buy those four-place crockery sets, and in my experience it wouldn't be unfeasible to fit a whole set of dishes into a dishwasher (especially if they left their washing until last minute), the ones I've seen have been quite roomy.

Although there's always the possibility I've seen huge dishwashers, you have huge amounts of dishes or OP only has two plates. /shrug

  BubbleGrunge  |  18

For the most part we fit all our dishes in the dishwasher every evening, and we go through a lot. But, eh, probably not as much as some families. To each there own, but I would be lost without the dishwasher. I hate dishes!!!!!

By  IsAbElLiCiA20  |  6

Lmao! I just moderated this and when I read it I laughed so hard. Picturing a dog getting scared of something, running, finding out its attached then running faster in fear was the funniest thing ever!
But FYL for losing all your dishes, may I suggest paper plates and plastic silverware/cups for now?
And FYDogs life, I could only imagine how scared shitless that poor animal was.

  KM96  |  24

No ... That is such a horrible thing to say!
1. It wasn't the dogs fault for getting caught in the dishwasher and
2. It was just broken plates ... You wouldn't kill your child for accidentally breaking a glass or plate ... So why a dog?