By Blake Lawrence - 26/11/2012 18:59 - United States - Salt Lake City

Today, my girlfriend decided it would be cute to leave a love letter in my car while I was at work. She left my lights on. I got a dead battery. FML
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Not the brightest bulb in the shed, but the idea was nice enough to give your relationship a jump-start, no?

Just don't hit her for her mistake! You'll definitely be charged with battery.


You got a cute clumsy Gf! It's not really a FML

Not the brightest bulb in the shed, but the idea was nice enough to give your relationship a jump-start, no?

...unless he ended up stranded at work late because of it and she later freaked out thinking he was cheating? 0.o

Well communications key, you should really shed some light on this topic next time you see her, so maybe she might note to herself not to do the same mistake twice.

People never keep spares? Oh well, what do I know about these things :(

LiterOfCola 16

Letter have a break, OP. Atleast she tries to charge your relationship!

1, I believe you combined the two phrases, brightest bulb in the box, and sharpest tool in the shed.

I'd hate to see a "Dear John" letter from her. I don't even want to think about what might happen then.

Meh. Nothing a quick jump-start to the engine can't fix. Your lucky she cares enough.

You jump start the battery, not the engine. There is nothing wrong with the engine once your battery dies. The battery simply doesn't have enough juice. The jumper cables are clipped to the battery and your car actually starts from the other car's voltage.

Surely the battery is a part of the engine... I don't see much wrong in saying 'jump-start the engine' / 'jump-start the car'. It means the exact same in my eyes.

It would because you probably don't know a thing about engines. A battery is part of the car's 12 volt electrical system. Totally separate from the engine, excluding that when the engine is running the alternator charges the battery.

chrissy2 28

Engine and battery are two completely different things - #58

Even I know the battery is different from the engine... And I know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about vehicles... Except which pedal makes it go (; On a serious note... Please don't ever try to help someone jump start their car. You'd probably end up connecting it to the gas line or something.......

bfsd42 20

Ok people. You jump the battery to jump start the engine. You cannot jump the engine or jump start a battery. And you are hearing this from an automotive electrical specialist.

nancyschmancy 9

How about we say "jump start the car" then we all win!!

At least it was an accident and she didn't purposely leave your lights on and leave a hate letter.

Yea, lucky for him she didnt smash his headlights in and clog his exhaust pipe with dog poop and key his paintjob and train chimpanzees to slightly change the rearview mirrors' angles and jump through rings of fire whilst playing bop-it on stilts and backflip of a stack off of a giant house of cards onto a miniature trampoline attached to a cheetah's back... Where was I again?

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26 - From the sound of it I'd say... the coolest circus ever?! Barnum and Bailey got nothin' on that! Greatest show on earth, pfft. Throw in some cotton candy and I am there!

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Now she can be even cuter, by purchasing you a new car battery. Ah, young love is just so precious.

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I guess it depends on how drained it was. In the past, once my battery dies it needs to be replaced.

yep.. they run out of juice eventually. i had to replace mine once

It's true, once they run down too low they are sometimes unable to hold a charge.

bfsd42 20

Sometimes a fully discharged battery will not take a charge, but usually it will. Repeatedly discharged batteries will likely die though.

pfx2_fml 15

At least you have a caring girlfriend, batteries are easy to replace, your girlfriend, might not be as easy to replace.

Are you talking the headlights or the inside lights? Because if it's the headlights, why did she turn them on in the first place if all she was doing was leaving a letter?

Exactly. The OP probably left them on without realising.

CharresBarkrey 15

Inside lights can run the battery dead as well. Also, I don't know about you, but after driving a car for so long that doesn't have automatic headlights, I habitually turn them on in any car I get into at night. So that could be the case here as well.

Forgive me for having no knowledge of cars as I'm not yet old enough to drive, but don't some cars require you to have the key in the ignition for any sort of power to work? Or am I wrong? >_

If she didn't have a key then how did she get into the car.

TwiztedYuri 9

key in ignition is only there for the more taxing things like radio. headlights and inside lights work without the need of a key.

bfsd42 20

All depends on the car. Some cars need the key on for the headlights will work. Some cars will even turn off inside lights if left on for too long with key off.

At least she wrote you a letter. Most people are lucky to get a text message.