By Forgetfull - 02/02/2010 17:07 - United States

Today, I thought it would be romantic to take my girlfriend to the beach. It was raining so we left our shoes and phones in the car so we wouldn't be bothered. Apparently, I left my keys in the car too. The car was locked. FML
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normally I would say YDI but that happens to me all the time

-gasps- so now thanks to you, your girlfriend is wet! See, it's not all bad is it?

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Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. What's romantic about that? It sounds cold and wet and uncomfortable. Especially without shoes on a beach, so you're wet and cold with sand stuck to your feet. Bleh.

Yeah, I'm really not getting that either.

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haha dude that blows! try again on a sunny day next time lol.

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@7 I'm pretty sure people don't start walking in the rain, they get caught in it

Maybe I'm interpreting it wrong, but it says, "It was raining so we left our shoes and phones in the car ..." Meaning they knew it was raining before they got out of the car. :/

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Have you ever been to the beach in the rain? It's absolutely beautiful. Although if this actually happened "today" or within the last few weeks, I'm going to say its a lot less romantic. Its January. Its cold. Being rained on, at the beach (which is typically a rather windy place) in the cold is a lot less romantic than it should be. If however, this happened in the summer, the cool wind and rain were probably comfortable and nice, and its still pretty so its better.

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It's been February for 2 days, Rip Van Winkle.

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Oops. You're right. But that doesn't really change what I said. It's still cold.

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uhh never mind comment # 7 changed

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it's the thought that counts :D