By xJade2012x - 24/11/2011 07:58 - United States

Today, in my karate dojo, I was being taught how to fall properly. My sensei instructed us not to fall with our hands out because it could sprain our wrists. As I was getting ready to help demonstrate a backwards break fall, I actually fell over. Guess where my hands went. FML
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That awkward moment when your instinct betrays you. :/


It seems like instinct to do so even though you know not to huh?

XenaWP 6

It's hard to ignore those basic instincts... And putting your hands out to catch yourself is one of the most basic..

Wasn't this posted once before?

There is a cat in all of us.

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Hwy eceeysoyvsy, in deunk. Literannyl

btnhdude 0

In srill drunk.

Did u break ur wrists?

JayBear14 11

Nobody blames you, after years of Karate I could never teach myself to do that. :)

Btnhdude no one really cares. I highly doubt you truly are, since people don't make stupid comments on fml when they are drunk. Nice try at looking cool though?

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And gravity claims another victim

soccerstar255212 8

Which is better for a 15 year old girl karate tae Kwon Doe mma or boxing? Please only answers that are related to this!! Btw happy thanksgiving!!!! (:

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I broke my wrist doing that once,not a very manly way to break a bone

Don't worry. In brazillian jiu jitsu were taught to fall on our ass and every now an then my hands end up out there

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67- this isn't a place to get answers to life's questions, thats what yahoo answers is for.

How did you type this FML?

How did you type this FML?

Karate or MMA--check both out, but make sure that whichever you pick teaches you both striking and grappling.

JoGeLu 2

Mma isn't a style of fighting, fool. Its the sum of multiple fighting techniques. There are many forma of mixed martial arts.


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Up sensei's ass?

GENIUS!!!! I was thinking the same thing...

No. That is where his remote control went after his karate subscription was canceled.

"my minds tellin me no! But my body!! My body!! Is tellin me yess!!!"

"Pickpocket Increased to 89"

JayBear14 11

37- wafflepwn?

mduffy08 8

"unarmed skill was not raised to 45... fuck you "

asoptavlo14 6

55 are you talking about runescape?

I thought it was Fallout 3...

I was aiming for Skyrim. Once you leave the house after days of skyrim, eyes on the skies. Always.

Guess you didn't learn much then?

aruam365 24

That or OP's "sensei" doesn't know a thing. We do that so we don't hurt more important parts, for example: our head/brains! We have instincts for a reason.

Our instincts might save us, say from a fractured skull, but not without paying a price. Being able to fall properly ensures safety, prevention of broken bones etc. If anything, it complements your instincts.

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28- No see your suppose to slap out with you arms and tuck your head in so you don't get a head injury or hurt your wrists because they could snap. He knew what he was talking about lol

goldenhawk 1

Either it's a shitty school or your fairly new at it, I've taken karate for 10 years and the first thing I learned was to break that instinct to not hurt myself

aruam365 24

No, it doesn't ensure you won't get broken bones. We see patients CONSTANTLY who take martial arts and swear by it with broken bones and serious injuries because they do what these idiot instructors are telling them. Thousands of years of instincts > over some guy/gal who says otherwise. Hmmm... Smart of you.

aruam365 24

52- That's common sense... and what most people do naturally if they fall backwards. Falling forwards, people put their hands out and break their wrists often.

That awkward moment when your instinct betrays you. :/

GVirdi 11

Hope your sensei doesn't freak over little things >.>

"Okay, so this is a correct fall, uh, ah!" *noise that's a mix between a small dog and a dying cat*

KiddNYC1O 20

The fuck?

hope you didn't 'ninja' yourself

kateheartswaffle 0

I actually broke my left wrist once falling backwards and landing with my hands... Sensei is correct.

You rack a disciprine!

You must first climb the 7000 steps to the monastery. Only then will your path be revealed and enlightenment be attainable.

climb to high hrothgar and master your thu'um

I was gonna make a skyrim joke until I saw 32 already did