By Autocorrected - Philippines - Makati
Today, I had some soup that my dad made. I took one sip and found he had put tons of hot sauce in it. I rushed to drink from a soda can sitting on the counter, only to find that my mom had used it as an ash tray the night before. I can still taste the hot sauce, and the ash. FML
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  AllyyK  |  9

#6 ' You were in the soup' Well, atleast you can say you tried. You should probably leave the 'funny' comments and puns to the people who are actually.. Funny?

  kyleekay  |  25

He's an idiot for using too much hot sauce? He probably put in an amount that he finds enjoyable, and OP just didn't have a high enough tolerance for it... not exactly an "idiot" moment.

  Alliente  |  9

Oh Yeah, He's so in the wrong for trying to put out the flames in his mouth with the nearest open drink that happened to be filled with ash. Lets poor hot sauce down your throat and see how well you fare.