By AgentRarity - 18/06/2014 16:48

Today, I was reading butthurt comments about how girl gamers can easily get dates and find love by simply existing. I'm a "girl gamer" who hasn't even found a date, let alone love. I've been looking since I was sixteen. I'm now 27. FML
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You can do it!! Don't give up! You are the bomb!!!

at least you know getting married on skyrim doesn't count


You can do it!! Don't give up! You are the bomb!!!

Try a dating site rather than a video game. Or maybe away from the computer in general.

Aw I'm sorry op): try dating sites or go places and meet people(: gamers don't usually go online to find girlfriends lol

Chelsea_bella 20

#26 - where in this FML does it say that she doesn't go out and only stays at home playing video games 24/7? Just because someone plays video games doesn't mean that's all they do.

Holy Jesus bitch alert #19. I concur with the previous commenter, runescape. It's the holy grail of geeks socializing in *ahem, "romantic" ways. But really, I met some great non romantic friends there whom I've stayed in touch with for nearly 10 years. On the other hand, if you play WoW with the majority of your spare time as I do, you probably won't have as much luck. More raging, hardcore gamers and less socializing. Not to mention the vast population of guys who play WoW (not only RPGs but also games like halo, call of duty ect) are under the impression that gamer girls are like unicorns, even though statistics prove it's pretty close to a 50:50 Of male and female gamers in the world. When you share your gender with them, they go batshit 9 times out of 10. While being one of us "unicorns" is apparently a plus in dating, it will rarely get you any points on the internet dating field. Try going to a bar, bookstore, gym, park and casually mention your kill ratio. And wait. They will swarm.

...Don't try to spark a relationship by talking about your kill ratio, OP.

incoherentrmblr 21

I'd say try some dating websites. Plenty to choose from, some of which are free. You gotta take a break from games at some point...

I actually met my boyfriend on Runescape :P

I've been playing video games sense I was 15 and I've only met a few decent guys who are gentleman's and are worth dating (: keep searching you will find that great guy

Maybe ask a friend to set you up on a blind date. Someone set us up the bomb !!

rinoa_fml 10

I met my husband playing WoW. I was the "aggressor", if you will. If you have met anyone that you were potentially interested in, did you say/do anything about it?

Or maybe the only video games OP can name are Angry Birds and Call of Duty.

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#90, I agree with you on the 50:50 gender ratio bit, but I did meet my girlfriend on WoW and have heard lotsa stories about others meeting on WoW too! I think it maybe has a lot to do with what server you play on, and where you hang out/what you're doing :). And everyone, let's not just assume that OP is looking for a gamer dude, huh? She could be looking for a fellow gamer girl!

#94 Why not? I find it more attractive if the girl knows what she is doing rather than a girl who has no idea what the buttons on the controller do.

#153 yep I have to fully agree on that last bit!

Well, I live in the Netherlands and I'm the living proof that there are guys who would like to get in touch with girls that can share a hobby with them. I'm searching right now, so to speak. :-) Though gaming should not only apply to computer or console gaming. For example I'd like a girl who also like to play board games or stuff like D&D.

Don't give up. :P (Still 11y...) I read somewhere that the gamers' couples are stronger :) But real love couples are just rare with or without gamers ^^

SuperMew 22

Why is an 11 year old on FMYL or trying to give dating advice in general?

#25, she's 18, she's saying that 11 years is a long time.

Gamer couples are stronger? Yeah that might be why my ex refused to play games with me because I was better than him at games he had played for a while, and anything that went wrong in a game was my fault and I was given the silent treatment because he lost after flaming everyone else. I'm sure there are better people out there but so far, my experience has been rubbish.

he's just a sore loser, I don't think the statement is entirely true myself, but I can see how it would benefit some people. personally I'd be happy if my gf could beat me in games

Yeah, #39, your ex is just an ass. His behaviour has nothing to do with him being a gamer. And couples who game together do have a tendency to stay together. But it isn't the games that cause it, it is the whole thing of doing something you both enjoy a lot together. And I think it works better if the couple plays together, as in cooperate with eachother, instead of playing against eachother. Competing against eachother isn't condusive to love. But that's just my opinion.

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My husband and I are both avid gamers, and we are quite close. In fact when we first started to hang out, I began to spend time on his bed playing his xbox each night, trying to kill that goddamned giant asshole worm in lost planet. It was love from that point on. I never did kill that bastard worm but I have him to thank for my marriage! :P

I think it's safe to say that couples that do SOMETHING together are better off than couples that have nothing in common.

don't worry @39 someday you'll find a guy that loves that you're great at gaming...b/c if a guy is comfortable enough with himself (that he doesn't mind losing) then competition from your SO is nothing but a good thing, and can in fact even be quite the turnon :)

#25 Nice. Just tried to cheer up. (Age criticism : how low can you get ?)

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im sitting here wondering just why so many people are hating on your comment.. my husband and I are a gamer couple with a great relationship and real love connections are really hard to find. not saying we need to be gamers to connect but it makes it more fun. it might've taken me awhile to find my right guy but its a quality relationship worth waiting for.

nannygirl1990 6

to the girl who girl who said gamer couples don't work because her ex would refuse to play with her because she would beat him at games, I don't think that really means that all gamer couples are terrible. just that your ex was an asshole.

He was just a douche then:3 I date a guy gamer and we have so much fun when we play together. In fps games we go at it to see who can kill who:p no one really gets mad. Or we team up :3. Or we play silly games and I will be like let me kill you babeh and he shouts run:p we just generally have a good time :D if you find someone who you can properly game with it proves to be a very good time.

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My soon ex-husband and I met years aho playing Call of Duty.. It was a mutual interest. After a while, it got to the poi t where we couldn't even play together anymore because he would get mad if I was playing better than him.. it is not always like that... I met my current significant other on Xbox years ago as well and it is the complete opposite. It just depends on the person.

at least you know getting married on skyrim doesn't count

Oh god, I've been living a lie!!!? (Cries hysterically).

Why are you crying? You already have low expectations so this shouldn't come as a surprise to you.

Shadowvoid 33

So you're saying that in fact, I am not married to Lydia? All those weapons she muled around for me, all the times I used her as a meat shield, everytime she got in the way of my attack, and she isn't married to me? Does she love me? Please say it isn't so babe, all those mammoth snouts I fed you. D:

#81 The pain I felt when Lydia died was unbearable. Worse still, I had to undress her dead body and carry all her things to the nearest town at a speed of 0.001mph.

Shadowvoid 33

#85- I just had shadowmere next to me so I rode him to the college of winterhold until I promptly rode him off the edge of the bridge of despair... That was a bad day indeed

On a video game? Dont waste your time looking there.People go on to play not get a girlfriend

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You would be surprised I know a girl that has dated all her gaming friends

Don't lose hope hun. As long as you're not one of those girls who sucks on the controller only pretending to like video games, you'll find a quality guy out there. Many of the people I play WoW with met there and have great relationships.

They might not be looking for a relationship, but I know people who've found their significant other through gaming. Hell, one of my closest friends I was met throughout gaming, and gaming is one of the things my boyfriend and I enjoy doing, together and separately. Don't be so quick to dismiss gaming as a way for couples to meet. =)

I know a married couple who met on WoW, and I met my fiancé on there as well. It can happen, and it's awesome when it does!

threer 30

I know a girl who dates all her xbox friends too. But get this: she does it on my xbox because she doesn't have one. My friends list is full of her horny douchebag friends.

I agree:D I know several people who have met their partner via game however. But I hate when you play an online game and a girl is clearly seeking attention from male players (not all girls do this, I'm well aware)

I also find going to conventions are great to meet other gamers or other geeky cultures.

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Maybe it's because your ugly. -Patrick Star

asmari 10

You're** ha!!! Beat you to it!

That's intended. Patrick wouldn't have used proper grammar.

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So I can call people ugly if I quote Patrick... This is awesome

I bet that comment would've been buried had it not been Patrick's name at the bottom

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don't be upset. you'll find someone when the time is right

Would you rather find a fake love quickly or wait and find your real love? Just think about it if it hasn't happened yet its just because its not meant to be yet.