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Today, I was at my little girl's concert. She plays the clarinet, and in the middle of her solo, her phone started ringing. She decided to stop, check her phone, and continue playing. FML
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How old is she and what happened afterwards?

I hope she's not really little.. She shouldn't have a phone if that's the case.


How old is she and what happened afterwards?

californiapoppy 11

What we should really be questioning is societies dependence on technology!! What was so important that she stopped in the middle of a solo to attend to?!

My thoughts exactly #11... But it's not so much society at fault.. As it is the governments and monetary economic system that we live in. For western civilization for the most part.

ElementaryEdGuy 18

"Playing my solo. LOL Txt it!"

Ive gotta say, it does always irritate me when people mindlessly blame things on 'society'- its all I hear now. When will people realize that THEY are part of society?

Government and economics aren't the problem, it's the way WE and our peers (basically society as a whole) utilize/use them and how privately owned interest groups use them. What people need to realize is that all elected governments are a reflection of the people. Everyone's voice gets heard in the democratic motto, and through votes it does, and if you want to make your voice louder, there's ways to do that. Economics and governance are driving points in any society, any problem that arises is from form, not function.

So many errors, don't maul me though, it's late where I am.

38 couldn't be more right... When people say 'society' I say 'parents'. My children won't be touching social technology until they're 16... Plus all my life I've never been interested in TV. Hate if you must, but I'll be rich.

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We have become "Borg Nation" Resistance is futile. Discussion is irrelevant. Text on, cello dudette.

#24 I just love these "blame society" people. "Yea, it's society! That one over there!" *points* "Yea, me and my deserted island have no such problems. You don't see us texting during recitals; we're better than that."

I hope she's not really little.. She shouldn't have a phone if that's the case.

Height shouldn't restrict people from owning mobile phones! What about the midgets...?!

Sadly age is not the case anymore. My 3-4 year old cousins own an iPhone and Samsung. ):

@86 I'm not. Children these days are so spoiled.

Do they ever use it? Like as a phone? That's just way to young.

Well maybe she has those obnoxious musical keys on her phone and she was actually just doing an improv to the song before bringing back the clarinet for the big ending. I call it: textissimo.

Sir_ND_Pity 35

3 - The classical music world combined with the modern technological world? Genius! My prodigy senses are tingling :-D

YDI. If she's too young, she shouldn't have a cellphone (at least during the concert); if she's a bit older, she has to get priorities right.

Also, OP deserves it for getting their daughter into the mindset she's in.

Parents can guide them, but how the hell do they force a mindset?

Hypnosis, doctor recommended, kid approved (but only after completion)

But it was her phone! Her phone I'd more important than anything! Don't you know that??? Gees, I bet you're one of those old prudes who's scared to send a text while you're driving. Pfffft... Whatever.

No, 6, I'm being completely serious. I totally condone distracted driving. Nothing delights me more than auto accidents.

No, I said this because there really was an idiot who said something similar to this to my face. He was serious. That makes me have less faith in humanity, when it isn't sarcasm.

And you did humanity a favor and punched this person in the face, yes?

kyu_Q 19

I would condone a face punch in this case. It's sad when one has to state 'sarcasm' in their comments because people don't know the difference. Or worse some people actually think that way.

I generally just assume the completely foolish comments are sarcasm as a buffer to the thought that the world will actually end up like the movie, Idiocracy...

It's simple. Take her phone away. She can have it if she's done with clarinet practice, homework and chores.

onorexveritas 23

hopefully, someday she'll look back and realize how utterly ridiculous it was of her. I hope you took a video

Come on people, stop teaching this guy how to raise his kids. I'm sure he feels bad enough for being known as "THAT Parent"

He shouldn't have posted this on FML then.

maybe it was squidward, sending her some pointers.

Yeah, and we thought it was rude when an AUDIENCE MEMBER leaves their phone ringer on. How naive we were.