By Wlanla - 02/08/2015 11:39 - Romania - Bacau

Today, my satan-spawn of a step-son proudly showed that he can pee accurately while standing up. I'd be less livid if he hadn't pissed on me while I was asleep in bed. FML
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larrena2377 26

I hope you punished the little shit.


larrena2377 26

I hope you punished the little shit.

And make sure your spouse knows about it too, you need to nip attitude problems like that in the bud. Is there an issue because of his real dad? Perhaps he's encouraging bad behaviour towards you.

I think pissing on someone is a little mire than attitude.

Is he supposed to be accurate sitting down..?

Boys don't usually pee sitting down.

I do believe that was the point #2 was trying to make.

I know a lot of boys (men) who pee sitting down. Lots of wives make their husbands so that the wife doesn't have to clean up the "splash" on the walls and floor. I'm not one of these wives btw.

He did what now? I seriously hope he's like two and doesn't understand what he did.

If he was 2 op wouldnt be referring to him as satans spawn, from this we can deduce that he is older and a ********

They don't call it the terrible twos for nothin'...

Lock him in the bathroom at night. Problem solved

ApollosMyth 22

That's how you get your children taken away from you.

cmchappy 25

Your picture makes this 10x creepier therefore 10x funnier

Pee in HIS bed when he's sleeping. It'll show him who's boss in that house

sgdigaetano 3

And what did his father have to say about all this?

llamingo 8

OP is male so mother I think

You mean you might be less.... Pissed?

God damnit I knew this pun was inevitable. Surprised it took 9 comments to show up honestly lol

I almost didn't post it because I wasn't sure if people would hate me for it, I guess not!

I only liked it because I imaging David Caruso saying it while taking off his sunglasses.

Shit on him in his bed to show your dominance.