By 4themoneh - United States
Today, I arrived twenty minutes early for my opening shift at work, so I decided to turn on the radio and wait in my nice warm car. I woke up two hours later with twelve missed calls from my boss and a dead car battery. FML
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  duckie227  |  22

no the real question is why the boss was too damn lazy to walk out to OP's car and knock on the window and see if OP was alright. OP could have had a medical emergency.

  blackbird31  |  0

The battery only recharges if you are driving. Starting the engine and using anything electrical drains the battery.
OP wasn't driving so the battery wasn't recharging. Both the radio and the heater were on, draining the battery. 2hrs like that can be enough.

My bet is that OP hadn't been on any long journeys recently to fully charge the battery. Probably just lots of short commutes in the morning with plenty of stopping and starting at lights.

  Frelling  |  0

Close, but no cigar. If the engine is running the battery charges off the alternator. However if the OP has only turned on accessories for the radio and heater (non AC), then it will likely drain the battery quickly, especially if the battery is old.

  yzf250rider88  |  2

yea seriously since when do heaters work when I car is turned off? I mean I know it works a little bit when you first turn it off since it pulls hot air off the engine but I have never been able to keep warm off of the vent with no power on. so either you were sleeping in cold air, you ran outta gas, or you're just dumb for falling asleep. prob a combination of everything but nbd

  phiend99  |  4

If the heater was 'ON' and the radio was 'ON', but the engine was 'OFF', then the electrical draw on the battery is only the heater FAN and the radio. 3-4 amps max. No way the battery would only last two hours with that miniscule draw. Especially after driving the vehicle to the workplace, unless the alternator was not charging the battery to begin with.

I still say it's a bogus Post.

  cptmorgan15  |  2

Ok idiots, it never says the car was running or the heater was on. It says the car was warm, probably from the ride in. So OP most likely turned the radio on and fell asleep with the car off, causing the battery to drain. And, yes, a battery can drain after 2 hours with only the radio on. It might be a cheap battery or just old.