By knicksfan - 05/04/2009 05:04 - United States

Today, my girlfriend broke up with me. She gave me back the brand new box of 12 condoms that I had bought and left at her house. There were 8 left and I wasn't the one who opened them. FML
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oooh_dear 0

you need sweet sweet revenge. how close are you to her best friend? ;] just a thought.

Tell her you found holes in your 8 condoms, and are worried that the others had holes in them too


oooh_dear 0

you need sweet sweet revenge. how close are you to her best friend? ;] just a thought.

you could be an ass a give her back the condoms with holes in them

Vinatierri 0

First! OH and uh...that sux bro

Guess it wasn't a brand new box. haha.

She could have used them for a vibrator or a *****. Or, ya know, to make balloons.

use the other 8 on her best friends/sisters/mother

Why does everyone think that having sex with one her relitives or friend will make everything better. because guess what... it won't help you one fricken bit.

oh ya I forgot. it also shows that your quite imature if you do that

subjectdelta2 0

Nope it shows u are better off with her close friends/family and how lucky she was to have u then she blew it

That's like, my worst nightmare. Sorry you had to live it out, bro. I agree, go sleep with her best friend.

#5. Mother??????????????? WTF????????????????????????????

I'm with #5, you have 8 condoms to use on people close to her. Take photos though, and mail it to her.

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#2, your are an epic fail OP - be happy she gave you the 8 back, saving you some money. and i would def try something for revenge

Cookie_kaioo 0

ROFLMAO! Dude go to her house and give her a sex book like one Eli Y. Dallas 's book (signifying that she needs to know how to perform in bed)... and when she tells you it isn't hers.. tell it would have been had she waited a couple of days.. and she SOOOO needs it! haha..