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  silvercamaro  |  22

You do have to admit though that whoever OP's girlfriend was cheating with is pretty brave for just turning and apologizing about the condoms and not trying to run out of the room

  Emmiii_fml  |  18

I get your way if thinking, but if the girl is against abortion and won't want to get one then it's pretty crappy to bring an innocent child into this just to get revenge. :/

I also really hate cheaters but i think that even if she got an abortion, it would be too harsh as well. Luckily I have never had one myself (and I hopefully never will) but I can only try to imagine how painful it must be mentally to get an abortion.

Hope you were just joking though :)

  Enslaved  |  36

Him getting cheated on sucks but sorry it would be worst if the girlfriend didn't practice safer sex, spreading any possible STI and/or a pregnancy and blamed OP with being the father.
I'm sure that's what #4 was trying to say.

  devildog562  |  33

Kind of like "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas , except herpes that shit stays with you."

It's sad but you can't really trust anyone but yourself.

  Jst4kicks  |  16

It probably wouldn't have helped at all, but regardless of the fact. I can't stand cheating, and whether he knew or not he's having sex with (if this was my situation ) the girl I love. And I won't hit her.

  purplhaze88  |  20

But op shouldn't be mad at the dude. He should be mad at his girl. I mean she could have told the dude she was single for all we know, or she could have been dating both at once. So I don't think violence toward him would have worked in this situation. Now if he knew the dude and knew that they were dating, that could warrant a maybe on the violence.

  Gittoh  |  21

why would kick his ass instead of hers? To be fair, it's not even him that are cheating on OP. he doesn't even know the guy, OP should kick the girl out instead.


Kicking his or her ass will only get you a night in the cells and a record. Resist the urge to do so.
I hope you dumped her and that your social is wide enough so you don't have to see her. Trust karma to get her back for you, she won't beable to find any descent guy that is willing to take a risk on her and will spend her life either alone or stuck with a scumbag. Go and find yourself a better girlfriend and be happy.


Even if the guy knew that OP was dating the girl, he has no responsibility to OP. The only thing the guy did wrong was not asking if he could borrow OP's condoms, unless that dude also had a SO that he was cheating on.

  tgmc012  |  9

The guy must have known she was with the OP if he aknowledge using his condoms. Besides all accounts being a dick move, it sounds very personally insulting towards OP. He should have kicked his ass for his own sense of self respect.

  Iceberg86300  |  14

(1st paragraph cut & pasted from bottom, down vote away for the long comment)
Back to this case, if the guy really didn't know then the girl is a full on horror, and EXTRA good riddance of her! But if I was the BF my emotional anger would be on both of them. For the sake of argument I'm assuming this is the guys place or shared apt/whatever and the girl doesn't have her name on anything. The GF and other guy would be ushered out quickly and non violently, hopefully without being able to grab anything & not making any contact, but if needed I'd push them out in a manner that definitely wouldn't leave a mark. Hopefully they're still bare ass in which case the cops would be called. Wallets would go out the window after the cops got there. They could then come get their crap with a police escort, and the now ex could make as many escorted trips as needed to get ALL her crap.

This isn't to justify any bearing of anyone, don't condone it, and I'm not a violent person, BUT:

how in the world would a guy be able to walk in on a cheating girlfriend, have condoms there, and more knows what else “guy stuff” was there even if this happened to be here place, and the guy not know she was in a relationship? Even if he was clueless to those indicators, or they were in fact hidden/missing/whatever, I can hear the girl now, “my boyfriend keeps condoms (insert location here).” Anything over a ~2 weeks (I doubled that to give the benefit of doubt in case the guy is extra “special”) and the guy would surely know she was in a relationship, and to split this up, a guy OR girl that fools around with someone they know is in a relationship is just as bad as the chester. They would have no qualms against cheating on their SO, and that's if they aren't cheating already!

By  DontClickOnMe  |  28

I know it sucks that you had to witness that, but it's also kind of a good thing because who knows if she was even going to tell you about it. I hope you broke with her because you don't deserve that at all. I'm sorry, OP. =(

  jlnotary  |  33

Oiled parrot

By  Scynistr  |  20

If you live together.. Maybe she told him you were just roommates? I can't stand comments that say "fuck him up" unless the guy knows you're dating her.. He can't be held responsible for her actions..

  Jst4kicks  |  16

I'm guessing your comment is towards mine. Regardless whether he knew or not he's having sex with someone (if in my situation) I love. I don't hit women so he earns it.

  Gittoh  |  21

even if the guy or girl knows a person is in a relationship, the person shouldn't be held responsible imo. The girl/boyfriend should be capable of being an adult and say no and just not cheat.
'no hitting on girls' is not an exscuse for being violent against men.
"oh sorry I broke your nose dude, but I couldn't get mad at my girl you see, I needed to get some frustrations out"
(not that you should ever hit anyone)

  Scynistr  |  20

@16. Not necessarily at you, just your comment and comments like it. I've seen them all over the place. You could be a great person for all I know..

I've simply never fully understood why people who say that they should beat the cheater's unaware accomplice. It isn't their fault if they don't know.

Also to address someone who also wrote on my comment. I disagree. If an individual knows you're in a relationship, they should be held every bit as responsible as the cheating partner. They are adults. They both made the decision. They chose to disrespect and disregard whomever is being cheated on.


In almost every situation I've ever seen or experienced, the "other person" always knows that the person they're screwing around with is in a serious relationship. It's almost always women who do it, granted, but they get off on taking a guy away from another woman then either sitting back and seeing how long she can get away with it for, or sitting back to enjoy the show as other people's lives disintegrate.

  garrett_8614  |  14

If I walk in on my girl cheating on me, then the guy turns and says some smart ass comment to me like "sorry I borrowed your condoms," then I would most likely be kicking his ass before I could even stop myself. That's just disrespectful in my opinion. Then of course after im done with him, I'd kick the girl to the curb. She would never see me again. Just how I feel.