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  zaadam2  |  5

#1 - What state do you live in? Because if people have breakup sex when they break things off with one another then I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo there. In all seriousness though, I honestly hope you weren't expecting anything after getting broken up with. Hell the best I got after a girl broke up with me was a kiss on the cheek and that was all.

#2 - After a comment like that, thats rough to live with. But I really REALLY doubt though the sex was the main reason why she broke up with you. It was probably one of the reasons, but not the whole story. But other than that, it takes experience and just time to get your sex life going.


dammit my comments won't show she added that comment to try to hurt him on her way out the door it was an unnecesary show for something that was ending but hey find somebody that's not a bitch she waited till it was over meaning one of 2 things it is either not true or she said it out of spite meaning she is either a bitch for lying to Hurt you or a bitch for being spiteful it's over this is all of course working under the assumption you did not wrong her for exp cheating on her with her mother or sister or just cheating but assuming that's not the case yeah she's a bitch

  mouxouxou  |  11

So this is a kind of recipe?After a break up comes sex,or in that case cleaning the room (...) after the sex comes another girlfriend who doesn't look like a hooker until you break up with her (...#9) and then what?? Charity????....

  vince1612_fml  |  0

i also ses no logic in the concept. When I break up with someone the last thing I want is to sleep with the other. I can see how the one getting dumped would want to but seriously.. It can't be made sound like a normal expectable thing.

By  perdix  |  29

You came out ahead on that deal -- these days a good maid costs more than a cheap whore. And as long as you pay them, the cheap whores won't criticize your awful sexual performance, in fact, they prefer it -- it helps them improve turnover ;)