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  Good_old_Grim  |  8

You don't even know what kind of work that is. Nor do we know what state of drunkenness was the promoted guy in. Also, it seems to have been a single incident and says nothing about his average work quality, and we don't know anything about how good the OP is at her job.

Basically, OP, YDI for being a jealous bitch!

  shelboo_fml  |  0

At my work, everyone shows up hungover. Even my boss and supervisor. One girl came in on Halloween completely drunk. The boss wasn't happy but she's a good worker and no one minded. So it really depends where you work, guys.

By  patticake1601  |  0

Your in Australia, where drinking is a huge problem and you are in Tasmania where I'm sure women have less chance of getting good jobs.

I was born and bred in Sydney and I worked my ass off for 15 years in Sydney and it always seemed like a big boys club, the drunken cheating men always got promoted over the women. I left Oz 15 years ago and have never looked back career wise.

Sorry, but alcohol and binge drinking is a massive problem in Australia.