By Hmmwtf - 10/12/2009 10:38 - Australia

Today, I didn't get promoted, but the guy who showed up to work drunk a few weeks ago did. FML
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He did that and is still better than you - you must suck :(

Just go down on your boss, should get you all the promotions you want. ;)


well just because he was drunk doesnt mean that he is a bad worker.

yeah, actually, it kind of does. lots of places will actually fire you for showing up drunk.

#1, what??? yeah it's a pretty bad thing to do. you don't go to work drunk. period.

#1 so I guess you're okay with drunk doctors, pilots, policemen.... Good for you!

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maybe you can be the new Snickerdoodles :D

You don't even know what kind of work that is. Nor do we know what state of drunkenness was the promoted guy in. Also, it seems to have been a single incident and says nothing about his average work quality, and we don't know anything about how good the OP is at her job. Basically, OP, YDI for being a jealous bitch!

If the boss decided to promote the drunk guy over the OP, it says a lot about the OP's skills at work

Lots of places will fire you for showing up HUNGOVER.

At my work, everyone shows up hungover. Even my boss and supervisor. One girl came in on Halloween completely drunk. The boss wasn't happy but she's a good worker and no one minded. So it really depends where you work, guys.

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#52 where do you work? Springfield power plant?

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Moral of the story show up to work drunk and a week later get promoted

Now you know what you have to do next time to get promoted!

Sorry about that, but, to be fair booze is good.

Just go down on your boss, should get you all the promotions you want. ;)

He did that and is still better than you - you must suck :(

Obviously you didn't want it bad enough, OP. Moonshine is a great way to get ahead in the workplace. I wonder how that guy who got promoted is going to celebrate...

Wow, you must really suck at your job if a drunk gets promoted over you.

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Cause you're a woman & women have a glass ceiling. Cause you don't deserve to get promoted!

Your in Australia, where drinking is a huge problem and you are in Tasmania where I'm sure women have less chance of getting good jobs. I was born and bred in Sydney and I worked my ass off for 15 years in Sydney and it always seemed like a big boys club, the drunken cheating men always got promoted over the women. I left Oz 15 years ago and have never looked back career wise. Sorry, but alcohol and binge drinking is a massive problem in Australia.

*You're. I'm sorry, it was RIGHT THERE.

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Maybe they got drunk with the boss, who knows?!

I guess even drunk he does a better job then you?