By hopeless - 08/07/2009 01:12 - United States

Today, my girlfriend broke up with me and refused to give me back the condoms I'd just bought. Why? Because she wants to use them with the guys she's been cheating on me with. FML
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sam_stalker 0

Steal them and poke holes in all of them, then give them back! That will show the cheating bitch

be a man, tell her u poked holes through all of them.


MadaFaka_fml 0

what you should have said is: "Keep the condoms bitch, I hope they would all be reaped and ull get 8 babies pregnant from the asshole u cheated me with".

anyone else notice that the FML says "guyS"? be glad you are rid of that *****. Also, get tested. Like, yesterday.

103 then her mom walks in... OP: I got the condoms! mom: :D

confusdsincbirth 5

Wow 92 I actually hadnt til you saud that. Haha

The 4,155 (as of this comment) people who said op deserved it were clearly all the guys (and possibly girls) she was cheating on him with. To the op, you are most definitely better off without her.

Be grateful she's using condoms? Remember, the best revenge is to live well. Just move on.

OmgItsAnaBeatriz 0

I Was About To Say That >_

skullbuster 0

No, the best revenge would be to bust a nut right in her eye! But it doesn't sound like he is going to be tapping that again any time soon!

mexiwrestler93 0

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that was such a 'smart' thing to say :| wth?

mxer53 0

you should be punched in the face for being a girl

itsgen 16

woahh what a cheap bitch but then why did you ask for them?

sexymessy 0

lol i agree,i mean its not like they cost much. So who cares, and she probably just said that to you so you would feel even worse. Looks like it worked.

Ox_Baker 0

This exact same FML was up a few months ago.

sam_stalker 0

Steal them and poke holes in all of them, then give them back! That will show the cheating bitch

Sure, it'll show her. It'll also subject some poor child to being unwanted/unplanned for.

DieterDerBlau 0
girandwogpig 0

or children. Did you notice the S on guys? Holy shit....

Well u werent goin to need them for a while until u got another girlfriend anyways. hahaha JK .... just buy some more and forget about it...

Well, where I live, condoms are in individually sealed packs...#5

They are everywhere. You just need to stick a pin through the center of the pack...

are you so stingy you have to ask for a pack of condoms back? they are like 5 bucks buddy.

Depends on what kind and how much you buy. I don't really blame the OP for asking for something he paid for that wasn't a gift back. They are his even if they're used for both of their sakes. It was pretty cheap to ask for them, but I think it was even cheaper for her to take them and use them with the person she was cheating with. Considering he just bought them, I bet she planned to break up with him when he replenished the supply so she wouldn't buy her own.