By Anonymous - 11/01/2015 05:56 - United States - Silverdale

Today, I had to negotiate with my husband so he would bring me toilet paper while I was on the john. His terms? A blowjob. FML
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That's one hell of a bargain.

But did he bring the toilet paper?


But did he bring the toilet paper?

He sounds like h would be a great lawyer

gerrags 16

Sucked to be you!

Better call Saul !

your deal to get something to wipe your ass really sucked.

How is it a FYL to promise your husband a blow job? Do you hate giving BJs that much?? If so, F your husband's life...

That's one hell of a bargain.

He didn't blow his opportunity to suck his wife into a sweet, sweet deal.

17 thats a win

And many guys are taking notes....

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He didn't specify how long it had to be.

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If you're uncomfortable, you should have a talk with him how it makes you feel. If this is normal behaviour between you two and you have no problem with it you shouldn't say FML. Just my two cents

Maybe you should stop reading so deep into things

Why is this thumbed down? Do you people think it's bad to talk to your loved ones about this stuff?

It's thumbed down because the FML is funny until someone decides to put their two cents in and read way too much into it. Just have a laugh and be done with it.

Rawrshi 25

#43: The FML community in general seems terrified of communication with their partners. It's always insult them, withhold sex as a punishment, and/or break up if they make a mistake. Any attempt to point out communication as being necessary or those methods as petty and immature is met with mocking, thumbs down, or "stop taking it so seriously!" I don't get it either, honestly, but that's how it goes.

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51- it's all in a diabolical attempt to cause more funny FML posts.

Because it's BORING. We come here for entertainment, not dull agony aunt advice.

ChopSuey444 20

It was never specified as to whether or not OP disapproves of blowjobs. Its probably more of the fact that it's an unfair trade.

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But did he get it!? A deals a deal!

That sucks (no pun intended)

good one xD

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You lie bitch pun was definitely intended

Worth it, toilet paper is saving grace.

When looks like your shitty situation sucked! Sorry op!