By DabTheFuckOut - 16/09/2016 19:35 - United States - Honolulu

Today, I finally said yes to a date with a guy. I was hesistant due to him being quite a bit younger than me. On our date, he dabbed 27 times. Yes, I actually kept count. FML
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I must be old because I don't know what that means

FalloutScrolls 25

I didn't even dab that much the last time I played Bingo.


FalloutScrolls 25

I didn't even dab that much the last time I played Bingo.

And the only time you dab a lot in bingo is if you are one number away from getting the bingo. then somebody else bingos before you and you're frustrated.

Manna182 10

I must be old because I don't know what that means

@2 It's a dance move. "The dab is a dance move in which the dancer simultaneously drops the head while raising an arm and the elbow in a gesture that has been noted to resemble sneezing."

Dabs/shatter/wax are also terms for THC concentrate. I'm not sure which one would be worse, honestly.

@8 I think the dance would be worse. He probably also called everything savage and talked about people getting roasted (assuming it was the dance, that is. "Dance" being used very loosely).

I always thought it was something to do with drugs... But this is much, much worse.

It's hard to keep up with american pop culture to understand all the FMLs when it gets THAT stupid. Yes, I had to watch a youtube video to fully understand...

He probably also said damn that's fire

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Takin 27 dabs would definitely be worse ?

If he asks for another date, tell him that's why you aren't seeing him again. Hopefully the rumour will spread that it costs you girls and that will be the end of that silly trend.

It's a dance move, the person drops their head and puts it in the crook of their elbow, looks similar to a sneeze. Weird ass thing to be doing on a date..

drayloon 50

weird ass thing to be doing in any situation

Oh my god... You should have just left instead of enduring this!

I agree. That is just embarrassing. I give OP credit for sitting through that.

I totally thought OP was talking about the weed dabs... like that's a lot for one date ?

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If u aren't on a dance floor, when would that even be appropriate? I mean, how is that worked into a conversation?

You'd be surprised. My sister's boyfriend does it all the time. He often uses it as a response when someone asks him a question he doesn't want to answer, or a semi-rhetorical question like "What on earth are you doing?!" He also says "breakfast!" a lot, and "savage". It's infecting my sister too. She wanted us all to dab in a family photo. It needs to stop!

DeMamp 15

i don't get it... why is it wrong to say breakfast?

It's not wrong to say "breakfast". It just gets annoying sometimes. Like, you'll ask him what movie he wants to watch or what he wants to eat and he'll reply "breakfast!" He gets it from that video with the Down Syndrome kids. "What's going on here? Breakfast!" It's the same with that "my name is Jeff", or the "twenty-one" thing. You'll ask him what the time is or how many biscuits he'd like and he'll reply "twenty-one". It's just senseless viral catch-phrases or activities that he latches on to and weaves into everyday life. It's mind-numbing at times.

DeMamp 15

Ah yes now I get it. Thanks for clearing that up.

Here's my theory on the origin of that retarded "dance": somebody had to sneeze and did too much with his arms to cover his sneeze, this person was around friends when it happened, and these friends started doing it in front of him to playfully make fun of him, and sooner or later, some hipster ************ sees these kids doing it and decided "this should be a dance". Other than that, I can't imagine you having the will to endure him doing that 27 times. If I were you, I would've left after he did the 5th.