By Alejandroc - 20/01/2012 01:46 - Honduras

Today, my girlfriend broke up with me with a message that I had to pay $1 to see. FML
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If she broke up with your over a message, probably the best $1 you've ever spent.

Damn! She basically robbed you of 4 gumballs!


Lol FYL :p

If she broke up with your over a message, probably the best $1 you've ever spent.

It obviously doesn't matter to her that you're out a dollar. She probably gets a lot of those thrown at her.

This reminded me of the FML where the guy got fired over a text message and it cost him 25¢

Its probably why she broke up with OP cause hes STINGY!!

@35 I don't normally agree with mean comments but I agree. That dollar would be the LAST thing on my mind if my gf ever broke up with me.

You must pay $1.00 to see this comment

Breaking up through a message doesn't ALWAYS mean you're a worthless bitch. Once I asked my boyfriend to meet up with me to talk 3 different times or call me so we could talk and work things out and he refused so I broke up with him through a text. I don't think I was in the wrong.

Don't worry 35, he's just cranky because he's sick!

What happened to 1,2,3?

text message break ups are fuckin stupid

That was just... dumb.

What a bitch...

We don't have the whole story. OP could've been abusive or something.

Yeah! Smack-a-bitch!

Damn! She basically robbed you of 4 gumballs!

That's just fucking hilarious, the best response here, and one of the best of the best in FML history period in my book....well done....five stars....five stars....rofl lmao....

38 ...ha.... Ha?

38, drugs are bad mmmkay?

Sarcasm failed, do not try again.

*Fry Face* Not sure if sarcasm... Or drugs...

I'd say one dollar is worth finding out the truth. Its better then walking in on her fucking some guy.

Then he'd have to kill them both.

I don't know if I should be shocked or agree

What would you get to see for $10? Tits, maybe?

That was funny as hell lol

... or he could get sucky sucky 5 dollar.

Me so horn. Me love you long time.

59-Full Metal Jacket FTW!

Was it worth the money?

What do you think? He's writing an FML and had to pay $1 to find out his chick dumped him!

Tell her she can pay a $1 to kiss your ass!

That'll teach her!