By pickit - United States
Today, my girlfriend broke up with me because I brought to her attention a rather large zit on the corner of her mouth. She called me an insensitive prick. I only pointed it out because I didn't want other people to see it and make fun of her. FML
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  oogyboogy  |  6

number 7 I think he was trying to LOL

  brianred5  |  0

well if what you shouldve done is not say anything and if someone says something about your girlfriend you kick there ass. ydi for handling this situation wrong

  TryToBeKind  |  0

If OP's boyfriend noticed it she should have popped it or had OP pop it. If she's so sensitive and embarrassed about it, you'd think she'd do something about it.

  cassidy420  |  0

he wasn't being rude at all. it's not a big deal and it's definitely not a good reason to break up with someone for. some girls just get too butt hurt over dumb shit...


ah, women. op what ive learned is,
1. never, ever, point out flaws. ever.
2.even if you mean to help, dont say anything, unless u know they dont know. even then sometimes dont.
3. Know the time of month! lol it helps
4. the girl is always right. either that or ur more wrong.
5. if they ask something like "do i look fat?" neeeever say yes. there goes my last gf.
5. follow this list and u wont neccesarily be happy, but u will later XD
6. never make lists of 7!

  ToxicTyrael  |  26

WTF #9?
I hope you have something inbetween your teeth and nobody tells you and you find out after 12 stressfull hours with lots of important conversations where you had to make a good impression!
Seriously he wanted to help her to avoid 'not being flawless' so please calm your tits.

  BellaBear90  |  27

My boyfriend is neither an arsehole or a project... ^^^ very childish way of thinking, you'll change your mind when you grow up and find someone you love.